Massachusetts "Derek Jones"

Physical Appearence:

Choppy dark blond hair tucked underneath a Red Sox baseball cap, a red hoodie, ripped jeans, and Reeboks. He has mischevious, narrowed amber eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and freckles dusted across his cheeks. Derek is tall, lean, but always slouching.


Derek has a lot of attitude and a lot of spunk. Always at the ready with a witty retort or sarcastic answer, he easily ticks people off. He is cocky and arrogant, bragging about his favorite team and talking in a very thick 'Boston' accent. He doesn't get along well with others and is ignorant to the fact that people try to avoid him. He is loud and obnoxious, much like his nation, America, but is very clever. Massachusetts has been known to pick-pocket unsuspecting passerby and makes too many bets on trivial things.

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