Aztec empire and manauia by renntorakwolf-d5m075z

Manauia on the Left, Aztec Empire on the right

Manauia (ManauiaManauia) is a supporting original mythical creature in the serise Hetalia: Axis Powers and World Series. She is notrepresentation of any nation, town or city.  She was the protecter of The Aztec Empire and was passed down to Mexicoafter his downfall and death.

Character Information
Name Manauia
Gender Most Transformed Gender is Female
Birthday October 31
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Height (5'5")
Debut Appearances
Volume None
Strip None
Game None 
Drama CD None
Anime None
Voice Actors
Japanese None
English None


While she's in human form (witch she has not been in since the early 1500's downfall of the Aztec Empire) She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She wears a Skirt and a blouse with tons of jewelry because of her high states during the Aztec rein.

Her her Lepord form she is about, a little bigger than the size of a full grown adult domestic house cat. and looks like. . .well. . .a Lepord. Her green eyes stick out of this appearence.

Personality and InterestsEditEdit

Her personallty has changed allot over time; she used to be quiet entergentic and liked to pracitpate in dark sacerfices for the Aztecian Gods. And Beleived that she was a messanger for them even if she was giving the task to protect the Aztec Empire. She is very friendly towards her own people and can be very motherly. 

Now since she prefers to stay in cat form, her personallty is very lazy and 'go with the flow' kind of thing. She tends to act allot like a cat would. Sleeping during the day and staying awake and night. But she's still very friendly to people.

When she's in cat form she can only be heard by Mexico and other people that can/hear see mythical creatures. A normal human being when she's talking might only hear her make a soft wimper or meow. Mexico however can understand her and hears her speak.


The Aztec EmpireEdit

Main Article:The Aztec Empire

Mainauia was bound to the Aztec Empire for eternety and also for protection. She always had to do what she was told and was knowen as a god among the people of the Empire. Mainauia was known to want to be lovers with the Empire and was the motherly figure of Tenochtitlan. It was unknow is the AE thought of her in the same way.


Main Article: Mexico

She is now and currenly the 'garidian' of Mexico as in the human himself. She spends most of their time togeather at home.   



- She has not been seen in her human form since the 1500s fall of the aztec empire

- She HATES any sort of sweet

- Her favorite jewel is a emerald "Since it matchs my eyes"

- She has forgotten how to do most of her magic


-This Oc belongs to the repective creator RennTorakWolf

-You may not use my art without permission (my drawn art or commissioned art I commission from other artists; draw your own please :) )

-Do not claim him as your own (Design, Personallty ect.) Respect that the idea and concept belongs to me.  

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