Malta with Kitten

Malta with kitten


Malta is a Fan made character, by me, Camillao4o5, this is my first Fan made character so please be nice, everything in this page will tell you all about her (sorry about the template not having a picture, if anyone can tell me how to, cuz i've been trying, i'd be really happy by that)


Malta is a kind and optmistic girl, she's also mature, she is rather stubborn sometimes though, she grew apart her childhood friends because of her career and now the only person shes in touch with is Belgium, this make her upset but she meets them again later on, she is also easily embarrased (thats why people like to dress her up in cute clothes), she is very smart, and good at fighting, but she has a rather smooth and sweet voice, she gets lots of guys falling in love with her but she refuses them.


She has golden brown hair, she has hazel eyes, her eyes are small and narrow, she has fair skin, and she wears elegant clothes or cute clothes , but she is mostly wearing the maltese national dress with white long socks and black shoes (she puts a gun strap around her thigh, hidden by her skirt, with a pistol in it, she also has a knife, just in case...) she also puts on the maltese national flower (Maltese Centaury) on her hair (thats what she wears with all her outfits, and on the picture of her above is a different version of the flower) , her military uniform has a white shirt with a black neck tie with a red military coat over it, she has red military pants and black military boots, she puts a white military beret on her head, a pair of black leather gloves, and a pin of the maltese flag on her coat to top it of.


She loves birds (being the national animal that is a bird in malta) and she has a pet bird (Blue), Blue is a Blue Rock Thrush, therefore, getting her birds name, Blue, she loves and cares for Blue, she loves music, she listens to it all the time, she even listens to it before she sleeps, she loves playing the guitar as Spain taught her when she was little, but she found the electric guitar more Interesting when she found England play with it, and now she is very good in electric guitar, as a weapon she usually uses a pistol or any small hanheld guns, she usually does well with them, she uses knives good as well, but she usually uses them for "emergencies".


Heracles Karpusi (Greece)-Edit

Greece is Malta's older Brother, she has grown up with him ever since she was small, and he was helping and teaching her alot of things, Malta loves her big- brother Greece very dearly, she would sing for Greece to Relax him with her sweet voice, and since Greece has always helped her out and protected her, Malta wants to protect HIM now.

Feliciano Vargas (N. Italy)-Edit

Italy was Malta's first Friend she met (aside Greece being her Elder Brother and all) Italy was very Friendly with her and they have always been Friends since childhood, Malta was older by 1 year, Whenever Italy was sad Malta would always sing for him which made him feel better, Italy sometimes cooks pasta for her which she likes, when they were kids Malta thought Italy was a girl, but when they grew a bit older, thats when she realized he was a actually a male, Italy likes Malta because she is very kind to him, but they are currently only friends.

Lovino Vargas (S. Italy)-Edit

Romano met Malta as he saw Italy play with her, Romano wasn't very accepting of her at first (because of his stubborn personality), but later on, he got closer to her, and became good friends with her, Romano loved her voice (as other countries do as well), Malta enjoys Romano and Italy's visits, and looks forward to each of them.Malta always liked Romano,she is secretly in love with him.

Arthur Kirkland (England)-Edit

When England and Malta met they were a bit older already (about the time when he had little america) they met in accident, because both of them were in a hurry somewhere they bumped into each other, dropping Englands Papers and Malta's Books, they both apologized and got their things and walked away, as soon as they met each other again in the same day, Malta apologized again, England says it alright and they got closer and became friends afterwards, they both developed a crush on each other but they never knew, she was then introduced to little America, America asked if Malta was England's Girlfriend which made Malta and England blush and quickly object, later on Malta confessed and England felt the same way and they were together, but sooner or later they broke up (independance of Malta) and although they feel awkward with each other they are still friends, but England is sometimes a bit jealous when Malta is spending time with her other male friends. It is not discovered yet if they are really still have a bit of a crush on each other because of their "Tsundere" and Stubborn personalities.

Alfred F. Jones (America)-Edit

Malta was Introduced to America by England, since her visit, America has spotted her laughing with England and them being together most of the time, which brings to America's conclusion of them being Boyfriend and Girlfriend, which makes England and Malta Blush and quickly object, which leaves confused America, Malta would sing and England and America would love her Sweet, Smooth voice, when America grew older they became close friends and he might have developed feelings for her, but that is not discovered yet.

Francis Bonnefoy (France)-Edit

When she met France it was because France was trying to "Spot some ladies" for himself and spotted Malta singing for America and England, and later on started flirting with her and complimenting her, Malta would always think he is only joking around and just laugh about it, because of France she met Canada, but she only thinks of France as a close friend and nothing more.

Matthew Williams (Canada)-Edit

The first time Malta met Canada was because of France, Malta would always think that Canada was really "kawaii" and she'd always hug him tightly and start patting his head, although, out of all that Canada loved her singing voice and he'd always smile because of that, Malta is the only one who can "see" Canada, Canada might have feeling for her but that is still not discovered.

Ivan Braginski (Russia)-Edit

Russia and Malta are alike in a way, because they have 2 personalities, a serious one and a nice and sweet one, Russia liked Malta's voice as well, Malta is the only one who isnt as creeped out by Russia (aside Belarus and Ukraine) they are currently close friends.


Belgium is Malta's bestfriend, Belgium likes "touching" her, because Malta's curves are irresistable to her, Malta always blushes about this and yells whenever she does this, Belgium loves her voice as well, and they are really close.

Antonio Fernández Carriedo (Spain)-Edit

Spain helped Malta grow, Malta was always exposed to danger from other countries but Spain trained her, and later on she became tougher and stronger (this is how she keeps control of herself) Spain is like another elder brother to her and nothing more.

(i know she has alot of MAIN relationships, but she is really friendly who can blame her, she has more but they arent very main)


- Malta's birthday was dated when "Malta's parliament approved the changeover to a republic."

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