Malta or Chloe as she likes to go by is a young looking immortal girl that comes from a long line of immortals, meaning that, unlike other countries, she was immortal long before she became Malta. She lives with her entire family in Valletta, the capitol of her country. She is also a Mary Sue with no reason to be in Hetalia ano does not look like someone from Malta. Deleted stolen art.


She is described as a inhumanly beautiful girl with long blonde hair that is a slight mixture of many different shades, it starts off at the top as a pale platinum, then when it nears the middle it turns to a honey blonde and soon turns to a bright golden blonde. She has one big green eye with electric blue specks, and one eye covered by her bangs that is a ice blue. Along with flawless pale skin, well except for some scars on her arms that she hides. (Author: no she does not cut, she fell on some glass when she was little and still has some scars from the shards cutting her) 

She is 5'1 and almost always seen in heels. Her uniform is a Fem! Romano styled one in black, along with lace garter tights, black heels, fishnet gloves, a spiked choker, a studded belt, and a black rose hair clip. But she is also seen in a black maid dress, a black and red nurse costume, and some casual clothing from Hot Topic. She is also seen wearing many costumes and weird styled eyeshadow. She also wears black nail polish and red and black lipstick.


She is described as a cold, isolated, and tsundere/kuudere girl, with homicidal thoughts and is always speaking her mind, making sarcastic remarks, and is always blunt and honest. But that is only the people who don't know her. To her family and friends she is a kind, generous, sweet girl that prays every chance she gets and is a pure Christian. She is part angel along with the rest of her family, which is why they are immortal, and is happy with who she is and what she does. She may be a bit too brave and is very ambitious.

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