20px-Flag of Malta svg Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta 'Malta)

Human Name:

Casey Kirkland (ケーシーカークランド Kēshī Kākurando)




September 21



Hair Color:


Eyes Color:



160 cm (5')

Malta (マルタ Maruta), officially the Repubblic of Malta, is a fan-made character for the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents the European mini-state Malta.


She has wavy brown hair and blue eyes (even though the most common color in Malta Is brown) like the Mediterranean Sea. Her skin is slightly darker than Romano (even though it's tan as a national color from Arab genes). She usually wears a long white and red dress with a big ribbon behind, a khaki uniforms under the dress, black socks and brown shoes. She's sometimes represented with a swarm of bees chasing her.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Casey is a very sweet and determined girl, she is greedy for honey and the sweets. Her favourite dish is the "Lampuki" (fish fillets typical maltese that migrates through the archipelago in autumn, in tomato sauce and capers). She love swim and the flowers mostly the "Maltese Centaury". It also has a passion for bees and honey, she never goes out without a jar.



Greece is her older brother, she loves him. When she was a child Greece told her the Greek myths and always played together. Greece is always calling her "Melita" (for her passion of bees since childhood).

San MarinoEdit

Main article: San Marino

They're her best friends, they do many things together and are inseparable and they help each other. They do many pic-nic together for relax then after a hard day.


  • The official date of her birthday, September 21, corresponds to Malta's declaration of independence from the United Kingdom, in 1964.

Thoughts of the authorEdit

✖If you don't have the permission of the creator, DO NOT USE OR COPY THIS SUBJECT!✖

SumiSumiDance 13:31, April 3, 2012 (UTC)

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