Madgascar's name is Sayo, named after her dead mother.


Madgascar has light black hair, is always wearing a green dress with red sleeves, and has dark blue eyes.


The history starts when Madgascar was a little girl. Her father who was disappointed in her locked her away. She became pale, ill, and hungry. The other countries were open for an attack but her father kept soliders up to make sure no one gets on their land. Luckly Madgascar was able to escape because her father abodened her and her sister to go rule Africa in their mother's sted. Madgascar was able to make a boat and escape on the far side of the island. She caught herself in a terrible storm and was somehow managed to find herself on the deck of a dock in Japan. She wondered around for hours till she bumped into Japan. He felt bad for her and took care of her since when she escaped she was only 10. Japan helped Madgascar to declare independence.


Madgascar is shy, soft spoken, sweet, and nice. But she can be mean at times if you get on her wrong side.

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