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Madagascar, drawn by gossip1998 on Quzilla.

Madagascar is a fanmade characters for the anime: Axis powers, hetalia. 


Human name- Nataly 'Domoina' Tsiranana

Nation age: 300-500 (Considering the rise of the Merina kingdom)

Human age: 18

Official languages- French and Malagasy

Height- 176 CM

Birth- 26th of June, 1960

Personality Edit

Madagascar is one of the most hospitable nations, so expect her to be very courteous. She tends to evade any form of confrontation, resorting to forms of compromise, believing that leading a humble and calm life is the best path to walk on. She admires her ecosystem and natural environment, willing to do anything to prevent the extinction of anything and is conceited upon matters concerning the biodiversity of her nation compared to other countries (And by conceited, I MEAN CONCEITED). She also is a germaphobe (Because Global Pandemic). She is also capricious to an extent, because of the government switching from one form to another. She is also very paranoid about topics concerning the dead.

However, if led into a fight, she'll just rush in with her best weaponry and injure, maim or kill opposition with her spear or sword. Years of beating up English and French missionaries made her a vicious spirit in battle, incapable of calming down once provoked. It often takes France to calm her down, as he often will restrain her.

Before her colonisation, she would be considered a savage to European nations, with her treatment of missionaries, Christians and foreign soldiers deemed ruthless, especially when Ranavalonana the first was monarch. However, after her colonisation, France taught her how to "act like a lady", which is why she often resorts to compromising (Unless provoked. Then you're on a one way ticket to the hospital).

She is quite a good manipulator.


She mainly likes guiding tourists around her land, but only in rural areas, as she believes it's fady (Taboo) if a visitor were to go to a village without a local guide. She likes music a lot, seeing as she has scheduled and annual music festivals.

She has a skill when it comes to necromancy, seeing as the villagers and locals in her country show a lot of respect for the desceased.

She also enjoys windsurfing and playing basketball, and taking care of her pets, along with finding ways to conserve her biodiversity.


Due to the length of the article and the laziness of the creator of this Madagascar OC, the permalink to the history of Madagascar is here.

However, one of the most significant events of her history is the rise of the Merina kingdom. This was when Madagascar came to be (Around 1650-75) after the majority of tribes in her land were united with each other. 



She was once a colony of France.

During the reign of Radama I, she have generally positive ties with him, satisfying French and British interests, along with being receptive towards French culture. However, she was simply deceiving him, pretending to actually be interested when actually, she knew his intentions and his goal.

Bring Ranavalona I into the cheerful portrait.

Ranavalona I "indoctrinated" Madagascar, bringing her to reality and telling her that she had better do something, or her sovereignty would be snatched away, resulting in colonization. Madagascar, unwilling to become a colony, viciously fought back. Even when France combined his forces with England and attempted to invade Tamatave, well, things weren't pretty.

However, he eventually managed to colonize Madagascar after the Franco-Malagasy War.

She also holds a grudge against him for killing her people in the Malagasy Uprising, a revolt for decolonization. However, she has strong ties with France, looking up to him as a father figure, but does't trust him completely.


Madagascar's alright with him, though there have been hints of attraction towards him.

In the past, England aided she and her king (Radama I) to conquer all the tribes in Madagascar and unify them, and he recognised him (Radama I) as king. During that period, she cozied up to England, often learning more about his culture and even asked for a few dresses and novels from him (Which he provided happily). However, he never knew she was simply deceiving him, intending to turn her back on him.

Bring Ranavalona I into the cheerful portrait.

Madagascar, underneath Ranavalona I, became ruthless towards European powers. Communication between her and England diminished, until one day he went to find her, attempting to communicate with her. This attempt failed, as she simply, well, punched him in the face.

His persistence for communication was a tedious task for her to handle. There was even one eventful moment where she stepped on his head and asked, "It's quite a menial task you are attempting to accomplish. I kindly ask you to depart, and never come back. There will be dire consequences if you do so." Guaranteed that she wouldn't do anything merciless, he paid no heed to her warning. Cue forts being burnt and countless British soldiers killed, as every attempted invasion was thwarted by her.

However, during WWII, she was held by Vichy France since he was to hand her over to Imperial Japan, England rescued her and took care of her and gave her back to France after a short period of time. She feels indebted towards him, seeing as she was dreadful of what would've occurred if she was handed over to Imperial Japan. She leaves the occasional dessert for him, on his doorstep now and then, to express her gratitude.

Pets Edit

Malala- A golden brown mouse lemur, on her left shoulder all the time, unless for world meetings, cause Malala attacks the other nations...

Striker- A Madagascar serpent eagle that belongs to Madagascar, and is one of her few pets that is only a bird.

Ring tail- A ring tailed lemur that belongs to Madagascar.


  • Madagascar's birthday is because of her independence from France, 26th June.
  • Madagascar's human name is interesting. Her first name is named after a malagasy singer, Nataly Andria, and her last name, Tsiranana, was after the first president of Madagascar, Philibert Tsiranana. Her second name, Domoina and her real human name which she keep's secret means dove.
  • She also is the 4th largest island in the world, and some people call her the '8th continent', due to her isolation  and exotic nature.

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