Macedonia (マケドニア, Makedonia) is a fan-made character made by Tix in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. She represents Macedonia, and the sister Croatia (Yugotalia), Slovenia (Yugotalia), Bosnia (Yugotalia), Vojvodina(Yugotalia),Serbia (Yugotalia) and cousin of Montenegro (Yugotalia). Born in 8th September, she received the name Marija Krstevski (Mapиja Kpcteвckи).


A small nation in the Balkans. She is somehow always caught in a love triangle with Serbia and Bulgaria.

She is a very lively girl, with a bright personality and a positive outlook on life. She likes the color of red, and her favorite flower is the poppy. When there are difficult times, she continues being cheerful, dancing her troubles away(She really does likes to dance.)

Her hobbies include dancing, picking flowers and (perhaps even unintentionally) annoying Greece.

She was in a lovey-dovey relationship with Serbia for a long time and has been Bulgaria’s crush forever. As for Greece, he hates her almost as much as Turkey. Basically because of her very existence.


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