Carolien Sigefroid is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and she represnets the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Human name

Caroline Sigeforid

Age appearance



23 November


5 feet 8 inches


122 pounds

Languages spoken

French, German, Dutch and Luxembrougish




Caroline has soft, wavy blonde hair that has a little 'bounce' to it and reaches her shoulder blades. She has soft blue eyes that are often half closed due to either Caroline being sleeply or becuase of her shy and timid nature. They often look past people as Caroline is often too shy to look people in the eye when she talks to them. She has soft pale skin and a lean body build with long 'runner's' legs.

She wears nicely cut and clean clothes. Her usual outfit consits of a white blouse, a powder blue jacket with all of the buttons except the top two done up, light wash jeans, a white belt and clean white chucks.

Her military uniform looks much like Belgiums, except it's a lighter tan colour, her boots reach her mid-shins and they have black laces and no heel, she doesn't wear gloves and her jacket is full sleeved.

In the Nekotalia version, Caroline is a cat with fluffy blonde fur and blue eyes. She wears a bow around her neck that has the colours of her flag (red, white and blue).

In the Nyotalia version, his hair is shorter and not as wavy or 'bouncey'. His clothes are mostly tan and his military uniform looks more like Netherland's except the jacket has no sleeves and he doesn't wear gloves.

Personality and Interests

Caroline is very shy and timid by nature, and she is mainly seen with her siblings, Eduard, Vojin or sometimes, Francis. Once she gets close to someone, it is revealed that she is very kind and sweet and that she has a problem with sleeping. Whenver she goes to sleep, she wakes up a few hours later and she finds it hard to sleep again, and even if she does get back to sleep she'll wake up again a few hours later. This often makes her very tired and sleepy and she finds it hard to stay awake for long periods of time.

Caroline takes a keen interest in dancing, in particular ballet. It is one of her hobbies and she says that when she feels stressed or overwhlemed she will go into a room in her house that is like a ballet studio and practice dancing for a few hours. She often attends ballet performances and she praises Francis and Ivan for their excellent ballet dancers.

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