Louise Adela Carriedo


Principat d'Andorra (Principality of Andorra)

Human Name:

Louise Adela Carriedo



Hair colour:


Eye colour:




Louise Adela Carriedo is the human name of the personified country of Andorra in Axis Power Hetalia. She has taken on Spain's last name, but also has a French middle name. Her first name is also French. She is known as Llora in Andorra (Laura).

Appearance Edit

Andorra has curly, waist length blonde hair which she has inherited from France, and also misty blue eyes, just a hint darker then France's. She has a pale complexion from being in the mountains a lot. Her usual uniform is a beige shirt with the first few buttons undone and a black, loose tie. She has a maroon vest over the top, and a brown military jacket on top of that. She has a lighter brown skirt with a red belt on, with black leggings underneath. Her boots have a rather difficult design, being knee high, white and black. The boots look like shoes and socks, with the 'shoe' being black, and the 'sock' being white. It's buttoned up with big black buttons.

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