Long Island

Long Island

Long Island is a fan made Hetalia character representing Long Island. The Island right off New York.


Long Islands real name is Miranda Jones. But she also goes by Miranda Kirkland because she was once English territory.

Even though shes not a state/nation shes independant, and thinks she can do anything she wants to without help. But unfortunatlly thats not true and she ends up harassing either England or America until she gets help.

She has a slight, mortal fear. of Russia. Shes also goodfriends with Crete (island off of Greece) mainlybecause they are both heavily populated islands.


Long Island was fought over for a by with her older brothers Conneticut and Rhode Island. During that time England took her and she was mainly used as help in the Revolutionary war. Once America won her back from England she became close friends with Italy and Spain.

But America was against her hanging out with them, but Long Island is one of those 'scandalous' people so she saw them anyway. Of course then England found out and got mad at America for being to careless with her. So America began watching over her better and her once ruaral farmlands advanced into a more suburban area.

Now shes the 13th strongest out of all her siblings (right after Virgina).


She had Light Brown hair a bit darker than America.

Her eyes area Blue-Green (mix of Englands and Americas)

Shes about 5'6" and weighs 110lbs.

She normally wears a white dress unless shes going somewhere with friends then she wears something

more sporty.

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