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Lizaldo Cariño (Luzon) ==

Luzon ( ル ソ ン 島) is a fan made character of the anime Hetalia: Axis Power or APH. One of Philippines brother's. His counter part is Lizelda Cariño.


Few inches taller than his brother/sister (PHIL). His hair is pure dark brown, but when against light, shows a few amount of light/chesnut brown hair starnds. Have a fair tan tone. A hair sticking out of his left side, said to be erogenous when pulled. So if you pulled it, who knows what will happen. Eyes, pure brown in color. Eyebrows are a bit pointed , so he always got a mean look.

Personality and Interests:Edit

At first, you might think his all boastful, but he really isn't. He's a bit stubborn and lazy at the same time. But he works hard for his siblings. He's really nice at sometimes, can be noisy at sometimes. Likes to tease.

Being the most hardworking brother of the siblings next to Philippines is a tough job. He likes to play a guitarr to get the stress of his back. He's always keeping up with the latest trends happening in the world.



He usually gets annoyed when Philippines tries to talk to him sweetly. He doesn't care if something bad happens to Phil. He will just say "She(/he) can take care of her(/him)self, leave him" But deep inside him, he really does care, they get along well when it comes to food.


As the boss of the three siblings. He is really a strict brother when it comes to her. Ordering her stuff that Visaya usually ignores. But the two of gets along well when it comes to fashion.


Luzon really doesn't mind Minadanao's doing. In fact he doesn't find Mindanao annoying or anything, sometimes he doesn't know where he is, and sometimes he doesn't even know that he's is right beside him.


Luzon usually gives America a mean stare, because of what he did to Philippines, he can't forgive him. But, he doesn't want to admit that he's still relaying on him.


He finds England's cooking good.

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