Lethia Atropine is the (fanmade)  metaphorical 2p! Hetalia nation meant to represent all once exsisting nations that have been destroyed, or went missing, over time. Her many lands cosist of :Zealandia, Doggerland, Bering Landbridge, Ferdinandea, Mauritia, and Brazil's Atlantis (Google them). Her country name is "détruit" which is the French word for destroyed. While Lethia is a polyglot (speaks twelve or more languages fluently), she tends to use the French and Italian languages most often.
W Acadmey

A (well requested) W Academy Lethia


Lethia's tea time outfit.


Lethia tends appears as a Chibi, to show that she is always growing, although she is often depicted as an adult or teenager in her 1p form. She has long, brown hair and green eyes and wears round glasses simalar to America's. She is often seen wearing brightly colored outfits.


While Lethia is a loner country, she does spend some of her childhood with England and France, who taught her, "the ways of love and magic." Lethia shows a liking towards Canada, and tends to be friendly towards all Hetalia nations. She is strongly related to Italy and Romano(Venice/Grandpa Rome).

Alternate versionsEdit

Because Lethia is a 2p, she in fact has a 1p version. Her 1p, Levvia (Lev-ee-aa) has short brown hair, and her eyes tend to appear as a much more vibrant shade of green. Levvia is said to have a mean temper, and she is a strong leader. Lethia's nyo's (male) are Levi (1p) and Leo (2p).

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