Lecia Jacinta Jones (The State of Louisiana)


Lesia has often been described as 'creepy' due to her interest in voodoo (although she's more borderline obssesed with it). Many of the other states (especially the northern ones) have said that if you get her angry or if she bears a grudge against you for any reason she might use her voodoo against you. Alfred himself has said that he's sometimes afraid of Lesia.

Despite that, she is generaly a very motherly and compassionate person. She bought many slaves during the time in America when slavery was still legal, but she did this to ensure that the slaves would be treated well and she would buy whole families and care for them.

She loves a good party and she always loves to celebrate Mardi Gras and she invites the other states and Alfred to join her. It's one of the few times the other states and Alfred don't fear her or are intimidated by her.

She loves to eat. She always manages to find an excuse to eat. She is particularly fond of Seafood


-Oh, you don't see it? The ghost that follows her around?

-She has the amazing gift of coming up with ANY reason to hold a party, festival, fair etc. Just give her a noun.

-If she has to, this lady can eat anything.

-Her erogenous zone is very similar to Canada's. Its name is Lafayette.

-She has a pet opossum named Clem.

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