Elena Jones

Las Vegas is one of the most populated cities in Nevada. It is also known as Sin City, The Marriage Capital of the World, and The Gambling Capital of the World. Elena Jones is the female embodiment of Las Vegas.


Due to living in a desert climate, Elena is quite tan. She has inherited the blue eyes of her father, Alfred F.Jones, but instead has dark brown--almost black hair. The very hot, and dry weather in Las Vegas forces her to tue her hair up into a ponytail. She is often found wearing tank tops and capris. Though in the winter, she sports jeans, navy blue long-sleeved shirt with a black jacket.



Nellie (Nevada) is her half-sister. She has a close relation to we as Elena is one of her largest cities.

Alfred F. Jones

Alfred is Elena's father. It is often mentioned and joked that her "Mom" is England or France. It is really just a mysterious. Elena just accepted that she just came into existence as a railroad town.

Antonio Carriedo

Previously, Elena was under Spain's control, so she has adopted some of the culture of Spain. Elena is mostly modernized though and rarely speaks to Antonio anymore.


Elena Jones is loud, boisterous, eccentric, and very michevious. Some of her other brothers and sisters find her to be very flashy. She takes pride in the fact that she is the most Sinful City and flaunts it constantly. Elena takes qualities from her father, Alfred, like the undying hunger for greasy foods.

During her younger years, Elena was known to be quite the troublemaker with her involvement with the mob. She loves the theatre and concerts; she often is found at one of the many shows at the strip. Although, there is numorous clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, Elena does take time to admire her city. Sometimes acting like a child while watching the Fremont Light show or the Bellagio water Show.

Elena knows she is in a recession but still enjoys a party. She is well educated but she makes a lot of mistakes. She loves welcoming the tourists into the city and sometimes pretends to be one.

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