Lars Bondevik is the human representation of Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya [bu.ˈʋɛ.øj.ɑ]). Bouvet Island is a small, uninhabited (not counting scientific expeditions) island near Antarctica. As a parallel to this, Lars Bondevik (the son of Lukas Bondevik) is a quiet (like Sweden), unnoticable to the point of invisibility (like Canada), person who rarely interacts with anyone but his father.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Lars Bondevik is a child, apparently 10 years old, but his facial expression suggests a much more mature person. He has blond hair, blue-grey eyes, and is 1.25 meters tall. He wears a parka often, as he has never experienced warm weather.

Psychological CharacterisiticsEdit

Lars is a stoic and quiet individual, who speaks even less than Sweden, and even then only to Norway. He however has a historical link with France, who discovered him. He has a tendency to go unnoticed, and can even turn invisible, similarly to Canada. He is said to drink akvavit when no-one is looking. He is very smart, and knows a lot about geology. He is very lonely, but doesn't seem to care.

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