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Laos is a fanmade character from the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, created by Himaruya Hidekaz. In 2011, he was given the human name Loup Langkeo Bonnefoy.&nbsp


Physical Age




Full Name

Lao People's Democratic Republic

Human Name

Loup Langkeo (Bonnefoy)



Hair Color

Black/Dark Brown

Eye Color



9 November


Geist Mein Schreien (fanfiction)

Other Appearances

Europe and Asia: Letters Times Three (fanfiction)



Laos has short black-brown hair and slightly tanned skin. His military uniform consists of a grey military jacket with a black tie worn over it, a long brown belt with a loose strap (which he claims to use against people he dislikes), grey trousers and knee-high brown boots.He is the tallest among the ASEAN nations.

Personality and InterestEdit

He assumes that majority, if not all, Europeon nations are 'non-ASEAN acknowledgers'and thus he gets into arguments easily because of his hot-temperness and rashness. However, he shows some respect towards some European nations. He is actually very passionate about ASEAN and protective of his adoptive siblings. He is also secretly emotionally disturbed due to having many problems. Judging from his fairly poor memory, occasional upset stomach and his not being able to shake hands with others due to having 'sweaty palms', it is possible Laos may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.


His first name 'Loup' means wolf in French. Similiarly, the word 'lang' from his Lao name means 'wolf' in Chinese. He has no proper surname, so he adopts France's last name, something that ticks him off.


Other ASEAN Nations

He treats them as his adoptive siblings and is very close to them. He and Singapore used to get into fights, until he joined ASEAN. Laos is also Cambodia's good friend.


When one of Laos' bosses was in trouble, he approached France's boss for help, marking the beginning of France's rule over Laos. Laos had maintained a distance between himself and France, and is shocked by his perverted behaviour. Laos said that he was constantly harassed by France, and the reason was because he was 'grumpily cute'. France is the only nation that Laos seems to be afraid of.


Laos' long-time friend. The two get along well with each other, despite their differences in personality. Laos says that Cambodia is always his 'backup', but this is not true. Cambodia constantly worries for Laos, since he notices that Laos always seems to have 'sweaty palms' and weak memory. Although Laos does not want to admit it, he views his relationship with Cambodia as a brotherly one and cares for the other.


  • Laos' birthday corresponds the date when he declared himself independent from France, 9 November 1953.
  • Laos made his debut in Geist Mein Schreien, a horror fanfiction with no historical references and set in an alternate universe. Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Portugal also made their debut in this fanfiction.

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