Lake Baikal is a child of Russia and France.

She is the sister of Verdon Canyon. She acts like her father and loves to beat the shit out of people with her water pipe. She doesnt like dresses that much and has a habit of stealing her fathers clothes.

The lake is known to be the oldest and purest. Thats why Baikal is always trying to cheer someone up and she was born before Verdon.

She isnt an adult yet. She is currently a kid.



Little is known. Romano was whacked by Baikal because she heard that he was being an asshole to spain.


Baikal really likes Spain and when her friends were afraid of Spain she went with him for some churros.

Kochi ( Shikai Honda)Edit

The two seem to get along, but Baikal often gets upset around her due to shikai being all girly and telling baikal to wear dresses.

Gansu ( Lau-Ling)Edit

The two never really talk they were only together when Verdon and kochi were taking a walk with them.

Verdon (Marie Bonnefoy)Edit

The two are sisters and get along well. Verdon learns to get used to baikals scary attitude.

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