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Kyrgyzstan is a fan-made character of Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represent the country Kyrgyzstan. His human name is Kazym Chokmorov.


He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kyrgyzstan is the third oldest Turkic brother.

Personality and InterestEdit

His personality is very traditional and he seems robust. He is the poet and artist of Central Asia. Horse breeding and agriculture are the most important parts in his life.



Russia is Kyrgyzstans friend, they're very close to each other. Kyrgyzstan idolizes Russia, because he finds him and his food awesome. Russia is the only one who understands the jokes of Kyrgyzstan.


America has helped Kyrgyzstan alot, thats why Kyrgyzstan likes him.


England recognised Kyrgyzstan and talks sometimes with him, but they are not the best friends. Because of England, Kyrgzstan likes tea.


Kazakhstan is his older brother and his closest friend. They often talk about farming all day long.


He is his younger brother.


He is his older brother. But they don't have much in common.


China sees him as a business partner, but Kyrgyzstan finds him annoying.


Greece visits Kyrgyzstan sometimes, they're both good friends.

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