Kyoto Prefecture or by Human name Takanashi Maki (まき小鳥遊,Maki Takanashi) is fanmade character for Axis Powers Hetalia. She HAS NO RELATION To Takanashi Yomi and/or Yumemi Takanashi.


Maki has short brown hair with a ahoge, She tied her hair into a double braids. Her eyes are bright yellow . She wears a seifuku uniform with a white and yellow collor scheme,A black skirt with a yellow or gold trim,a short and white socks and a brown shoes.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She is a Shy 14 year old child who is very caring,and often do her house hold chores. She is very Mature and feminine. She is a Innocent and very quiet type. She might be the shortest and the youngest at her class. She is very Charming. But appearently,she has a very poor health. Her body is rather weak and gets strained easily. She usually do her homework at her class when a lesson is finished,or in the library when the school break is on.


Japan: BrotherEdit

Italy: Friend

Germany: friend

Russia: Frienemy

China: Friend

France: Considered Brother

America: Friend,somewhat like a hero

England: Frienemy (She sometimes thinks he's mad or somekind)

Canada: Friend

Sealand: Best friend

Latvia: Friend

Nikoniko: Brother

Osaka: Brother, Considered crush(She sometimes blush infront of him)

Seychelles: Enemy (Seychelles' jealous about her,but Kyoto dosent know that)

Wy: Good friend

Romano: Good friend

Spain:Good friend (But Romano tells her to stay away from Him)


  • Her birthday is in March 1st,2002
  • Her actual height is unknown,might be 3 or 2 centimeters shorter than Sealand
  • Her weight might be between 39 kg and 40 kg

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