Kansas happy chibi

Kansas or Kola k,Jones she has a scar over her left eye

Write the text of your article here!Representation: Kansas 

Human name: Kola K. Jones 
Kansas happy chibi

Kansas or Kola k,Jones she has a scar over her left eye

Location: the United states of America the middle of America 

Apparent age: 2-11 (her age might be between haven't decided yet)  Physical details: her hair is short spiky black, her left eye is red and her right eye is blue. she also has a scar going over her left eye and shoulder  she has no boobs and is flat chested, she is fragile for her age and gets hurt and brusies pretty easyly *the last part depends on my mood also* 

Personality: Shy and nervous at times, probably because she went through Bleeding Kansas after just meeting Missouri, she isn't scared to stand up for what is right and will often speak her mind and help others out  by trying to be the voice of reason in fights to find a compromise somewhere. She tends to talk quietly and stutter a lot when she talks.

Relations with other characters: Kansas has known the North and South states since the Civil War including that of Missouri, she has also known America since that time, she didn't meet any of the other countries until WWI and WWII not much is known if she met them beforehand. She met the other states later on in life. She's wary of almost any one with the exception of her Dad, siblings and her Uncle Canada. 

Brief History: Bleeding Kansas is one thing that greatly affected Kansas it was during around the time of the civil war when people were trying to figure out if Kansas was going to be free or Slave their was a lot of dispute between the Free staters and the Slave staters. Towns in Kansas were burned down and people were shot who were free stater after that the state finally decided she  had enough and join the Union and the 34th state. Another thing that may have happened that people don't know is that Kansas was the cause of the flu in 1918 it orginated in a town called Haskell County, Kansas, and from their raged on across the world killing dozens of people. And don't forget the dust bowl that happened in the 1930's other wise know as the dirty 30's. She is know as the Sunflower state or America's Heartland, her state motto is Ad Astra Per Aspera  meaning To The Stars With Difficulty.

Any other thoughts on said character:  Not much thought on her I go with I mean I like to see how she'll deveople and how other characters will act around her and stuff. 

Note she has a fear of fire and does not like to be held down, she has a fast Motablism and her bones are sometimes like glass. she also has a fear of Tornado's and Dust storms because of the Dust bowl in the 1930's and the Tornado out break in 2007.

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