Kawasaki City (川崎市,Kawasaki-shi) or also known as Mako Miyazaki (宮崎まこ,Miyazaki Mako) is a fanmade charcter of APH.



Kawasaki has Shoulder length, light blond hair and violet eyes. She wears a short sleeved Dark Blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie, with matching pants and sailor hat. She wears a short white socks and a brown shoes.She may be designed to be the "cute" character. Her birthday would be in July 20th. Her age would be 13.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Kawasaki doesn't have a defined personality due to being an open source character. However, she's usually portrayed as the innocent, shy, and quiet type. Some people also picture her as a Sweet,Cute, outgoing, Dandere type character. A very friendly, Motherly,yet sisterly like girl but of very poor health. Her body is rather weak and gets strained easily. She is shown to be hard-working, and is hinted to be a good Cook. She is also a charming person who never gets angry. She is very Funny,yet fun Person. She's also a Clumsy person. She cant fight. She might be a short person,her height was shorter for her age. Her height might be 149cm


(She can be paired with anyone)


  • "I wanna get Taller"!
  • "I,Love,Life"
  • "I have to choose? well,In the case, i choose a Cute boy with a stong and tall body!"

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