Komaras Lorinaitis is a fan-made character in the series Axis Powers: Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is the representation of the city Kaunas, Lithuania


Komaras has beautiful deep blue eyes and short messy brown hair in a chopped style. Her body is adorned with numerous scars and tattoos, each scar said to represent an emotion tattooed on it that she has lost awareness of, including a panther tattoo on her left breast. Her most notable feature is an X shaped scar on her left cheek, and her bangs cover her right eye, which was gouged out at one point in time, leaving a horrible scar. She wears an all black outfit: black button up shirt, black skinny jeans and black flat heeled boots. Her military uniform is a traditional Lithuanian men's uniform, only it's black instead of traditional coloring.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Komaras is considered a very dark, sadistic young woman, sometimes called "a lunatic' by other countries. Holding a deep hatred for many things in life, she often expresses her hatred by writing dark poetry, music or letting off steam by practicing skull trepanning. She is also a heavy drinker and chain smoker.



Main Article: Lithuania

Komaras is Lithuania's younger sister, and strikes fear and worry into him constantly. Komaras will get after him, saying things like "Don't be so goddamn weak!" or "Belarus hates you. And she's an evil harlot that lusts after Russia." But deep down, she holds a timid little sister-type affection for Lithuania, and will come to him when upset by something.

Russia Edit

Main Article: Russia

Komaras hates Russia for oppressing her family during the Cold War, and for branding her with half the scars on her body.

Vilkas Lorinaitis (Vilnius)Edit

Komaras once hated Vilkas because 1. She was the capital 2. She was the baby of the family and 3. She never understood her older sister's pain. After mentally and physically scarring Vilkas, Vilkas had tried to show Komaras that she understood her pain, and succeeded.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaunas mostly speaks Lithuanian (bothAukštaitian and Samogitian), as well as Russian, Polish, Belarusian and a little German.
  • Despite her dark exterior, Komaras can show friendly gestures and attitudes, but only on rare occasions.

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