Kassel (キャッセル, Kyaseru) is a fanmade Character to Axis Powers: Hetalia, he represents the City of Kassel in Germany, although he is not much known he is pretty improtant for Germany. His Human Name is Tobias Beilschmidt.


Kassel is said to have the same Hair like his Brother Germany, but his Hair is more messed up. His personality is more like his Brother Prussia, a little bit pervy and loves to prank people, especially Germany. It was mentioned he has the same height as Germany and he usually doesn't wear military Outfits like his Brothers. His normal Outfit is a Black Hoodie with old Jeans and red Chucks, but sometimes he actually wears a Military Uniform, but that is just when he wants to tease Germany and steals his so he can piss him off.

Character & InterestsEdit

As mentioned Kassel is one of the laziest Characters, he also is one of the most blunt and shameless Characters, considering the fact he usually claims to seize someone's vital region, like Prussia. It is also said he is easily pissed off, mostly when being he stood up from sleep. He is always seen with a Cigarette, and he also has a Tattoo on the Back of his Neck.

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