Johnathan 'Johnny' Alphonse Jones is the personification of the State of Illinois. He is the twenty-first state out of the fifty states of America, and is one of the middle states. He is also one of the Midwestern States, and to be more specifically, one of the East North Central States.


Illinois appears to be 5'7 in height, and has brown hair and eyes. His skin is also fair. He has a curl that represents Chicago, which is similar to Italy and Romano's curls, but it doesn't go out to the side; rather it goes down lower and also isn't as curly. It is rather a fine simple one instead. He looks similar to Italy and Romano, but they are fairly easy to tell apart.

Illinois usually wears what appears like a mobster like outfit, mostly that of a black suit jacket with a white long sleeved dress shirt underneath, along with black pants and shoes. But most notoriously is that of his matching black fedora, which he rarely ever takes off, and forbids people from touching it or forcing him to remove it.


Illinois is shown to have a mobster like personality. He often is hot-headed and has a very unpredictable temper. He likes getting down to business and have things go like clockwork, much like that of a mafia boss. His anger is even extremely worse when it comes between him and California, as they have had issues due to Al Capone being placed in Alcatraz Island which is off the coast of California. This is mainly because he admires Al Capone and idolizes the infamous mobster. Illinois also hates when things do not go out as they planned or if they do not go his way, and is very demanding on how things should go, most times to benefit him, or someone close to him. He has a similar quirk like Romano; he likes girls (except unless he deems them to be hated by him otherwise), but hates men. He does mean well when it comes to his family, however.

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