Barcelona is a fanmade character for the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. Her full given human name is Joana Sofia Fernàndez i Cardona. She is located on the Mediterranean coast in Northeastern Spain and is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia



She has very long, dark brown hair usually worn down or tied back in a ponytail, the fringe is worn long, almost completely covering the right side of her face. She has a typical Mediterranean skintone which is always much more tan due to her spending most of her time outdoors, and blue eyes. She normally is seen wearing a military uniform consisting of a white tank top, brown military boots, black pants, tan double-breasted jacket and matching capelet. Her body has been riddled with scars due to several wars (most notably the civil war of the 30's), the most prominent of which are the disfiguring facial scars she keeps hidden under her fringe. Under her jacket, she wears a golden cross with several holy medals: Saint George (patron of Catalonia), the Virgin of Montserrat (patroness of Catalonia), Saint Michael the Archangel (for protection from evil), and Saint Eulalia (patroness of Barcelona). Notably, she also wears a Star of David, representing her status as a center for Judaism in Spain during the Medieval period as well as the city's modern Jewish population.

Personality and interests

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