Jiyuuga Anemi (あねみ自由歌,Jiyuuga Anemi) is a princess of Nagasaki. But you can say that she is a Nagasaki (Nation)



She is a quiet and calm child. She rarely talks,but she has many friends. She did not choose a friend. She dont care whether they are from rich or poor families. Tall or short, old or young, male and female,or even black or white.

Physical appearance




He Raised her since she is a Child.


They are good friends,but often fights.


Like Japan,they are good friends,but they never fights.


They..Umm..Friends,thats all.


She thinks he's crazy,but they also a frendly friend


Like Denmark,She thinks he's crazy,but they also a frendly friend

Jiyuuga Keitaro:

They are a good brothers and sisters,they never fight.


America is a big brother figure to Anemi


Name Meaning:

Anemi (あねみ) has No meaning. while Jiyuuga (自由歌) means freedom song.


  • She has a Cold heart,but friendly</li>
  • She is 14 year old girl</li>
  • She has a Finnish descent</li>
  • Her Heigth will be 153cm and her Weight will be 38kg</li>
  • She likes Baking,cooking,and making pink mochi</li>
  • She loves animals</li>
  • Her birthday will be 19th Of March</li>

    - She is a mary sue  

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