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Jamaica is a party girl who participates in many fads. She can be found drinking,smoking, listening to music, waving her glow sticks around, or robbing random people as a pirate.She also has a very homophobic attitude, but she does learn to except it no matter what. When she's around her older brother and sister,Cuba and DR, she becomes extremely laid back and concerned about her brother and sister's health. This is because Cuba is always trying to hurt America and DR is always tries to hurt France, which forces her to side with them more than she would want to.


Jamaica is usually wearing her short hair down tying a little pig tail on top, she wears her khaki denim vest, a pair of blue capris, and a pair of sneakers. Not to forget her signiture headphones that are always playing music. Sometimes she's wearing a hat that has the Jamaician flag on it.


Jamaica is a very friendly person who comes into contact with alot of people. Here are just some.


Jamaica loves her older brother Cuba. His hot-tempered attitude makes him a downer to Roxanne,though. Sometimes she is jealous of all of Cuba's land and how he doesn't do much with it. But she always find a way to calm him down with either her music or ice cream. Sometimes they fight though, but come on, who can avoid a fight with Cuba?


Canada and Jamaica are friends. Being in the background so much with him, they seem to have a type of relationship. His quiet demeanor bores her, so she is always ready to help him get assertive, and even talking him into getting a tattoo with a maple leaf on it so he wouldn't be attacked by his brother.


Jamaica is one of America's many friends. Always ready to help him whenever he needs it, even though he won't admit it. A matter of fact, it was England and him who named her what she is today.

Dominican RepublicEdit

Jamaica loves her older sister DR (What she like to call her for short) and would do anything for her. Sometime with her actions she make her mad, but through the end they still love each other.


She hates him with a burning passion and always will. She will try to hurt him in anyway in order for him to leave her alone so she doesn't hear the 'I'm sorry crap' as she likes to call it

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