Iwo Jima without her hat

Iwo Jima is the female representation of the Japanese island, serving as a battleground in WWII.  She is a fanmade character of the anime, "Hetalia: Axis Powers".


Though Iwo Jima used to be much more adamant about her duties and honor, since she was returned to Japan after the war, she's been much more laid-back.  Lazy, almost.  As her people were forcibly evacuated pre-battle and the island has not been inhabited since, she has little to no responsibility these days, though she used to be quite an energetic girl.


Iwo Jima is a short girl, standing 5 feet tall and weighing 98 lbs.  She has medium-length brown hair with bangs and sidebands, along with a small ahoge at the top of her head, which she affectionatly named "Suri" after Mt. Suribachi.  She wears a dark-green uniform with a red belt around her waist, matching her hat named "Steven".



Iwo Jima

Human Name:

Isamu/Izumi Yuiji

Age in Appearance:


Blood Type:



February 19th


Pork chops, hats, anime, cakes, padlocks, and horror movies.


Cats, peppers, WWII movies, and being proven wrong.

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