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Italy I is a fan-made character in Axis Powers Hetalia, she is the mother of both Lovino and Veneziano, as well as daughter of Ancient Rome, her husband is not known. She is actually Rome's successor and unlike her father, none of her sons inherited her success but her talents however.

Human Name: Victorina Adelina Vargas

age: 36

family: Ancient Rome (father), Italy Veneziano (younger son), Romano Lovino (eldest son), France (nephew)


-Italy appeared to have a reddish-brown long hair that reaches down her back. Has two hair curl left and right. Resembling her children's curls, Lovino and Veneziano. She appeared to have childish appearance and beautiful brown eyes. Her height is small for a mother though. She is only 5'3 in height. And wears green, red, white and pink dresses or clothing.


-Victorina, as the first Italy. She is very responsible and is kindhearted. Despite her kinder side, she also shows her rebellious and fighting side. She protects what she loves and will die for them, she is sometimes a strong cusser like Romano, even inherited this trait from her. Victorina, is very successfull like her father. But none of her children as well inherited her success. She is talented at painting and dancing.


-Daughter of Ancient Rome, she is his successor and usually mother of Italy and Romano, right after Austria took Veneziano away right after she failed to take him back. After in war, she lost everything even her children. In modern times, she now resides with her father in Rome. One of her greatest place is the Trevi Fountain.


-Ancient Rome: Victorina's father and protector, unlike Italy, she is his first successor and makes her country grow and made the economics great and fully grown. She now lives with him

-Elizaveta Herderavy: right after when Italy was forced to work for Austria, she immediately came to ask Elizaveta to make or come and visit him.

-Feliciano Vargas: the two shared a very close relationship to each other, she usually cares a lot for Veneziano despite him being careless and sometimes she also tolerated him even if he waves a white flag, she also is feared when another country came to invade him and Lovino.

-Lovino Vargas: Lovino and Victorina has shared same relationship as Feliciano and hers, however, she also scolds him for hurting or bullying his younger brother, she is proud of his success as a Nation and they apparently seems close relationships as well.

-Ludwig: Victorina visited Ludwig when she tried to visit her son, Feliciano like what Grandpa Rome did, nothing much contraversial between them, but they seem pretty good friends.

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