Israel during Biblical times


Yosef Ben-David is a fanmade character in the series Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series. He represents the Nation of Israel/the Jewish State of Israel.


Israel is shown to have short, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has slightly tanned skin because of the hot climate.

He usually wears a simple black suit, white shirt with a black tie and a blue prayer shawl worn around his neck. On his head he wears a Kippah.

Personality and Interests:Edit

Being the same age(if not older) as China, Israel is a strong but silent and will constantly complain about China being too immature. He dissappeared for awhile(being around 2000 years) and his people were scattered around the world, he returned after WWII when America refounded his people as the State of Israel. He is continuously attacked by his brother Palestine who wants to to take the small amount of land he has.

Israel's actual birthdate is unkown but he celebrates it on May 14th(when the state of Israel was founded).

Israel loves to read and enjoys music.

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