Official Name:

State of Israel

Official Languages:




Best Friends:

Jordan and USA

Mortal Enemies:

Arab countries

Eyes colours:


Skin Tone:


Member of:

Arab League

Israel(Human name:Yehoshua Pferd)is a Jewish country who is hated by most Arabian countries.


Pferd has light brown eyes and hair and commonly wears normal clothes. However, Orthodox Christians use traditional clothing of the country.


Yeshua is sly and manipulative and uses any excuse to attack other countries. Many Arab countries hate him because he has taken others' land.


Arabia Saudita: They hate each other and Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel as a country. Saudi Arabia does not accept Israeli passports.

Jordania: On the October 26th, 1994 the Israeli-Jordanian treaty of peace was signed. From that day on, they were allies.

Palestine: Israel used a flimsy excuse and abused the fact that many Jews had been murdered by the Nazis to invade Palestine and turn other countries against Palestine. He tries to turn other countries against any country that sides with Palestine.

Iran: Iran voted against UN Partition Plan, recognised Israel, but voted against the admission of Israel to membership of UN. Relations were severed in late 1979. They now hate each other: Iran does not accept Israeli passports and the holders of Iranian passports are not entitled to travel to the occupied Palestine (Israel).

Allies and EnemiesEdit


  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Turkey
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Etiopia


  • Palestine
  • All the arab countries

Israel marukaite chikyuuEdit

Hey papa give me Chamin 

Hey mama, hey mama 

Do the bar mitzvah who used to celebrate 

I can not forget the feeling  

Draw a circle and is the Earth

I think that is Earth 

He stares land 

I am Israel 

Any piece of land can be a wonderful place 

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