Basic Info Edit

Name: Isle of Man

Human Name: Albert Kirkland

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Dark Blond

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 180 cm

Appearance: Edit

Isle of Man has mid-length dirty blond hair accompanied by a dark ginger streak that he keeps in a little plat; as well as also having the same green eyes as his big brother England. His attire is made up of a light brown collared shirt with brown suspenders and green work trousers. Occasionally he has been known to wear an army uniform that look similar to Britain's, but he prefers to stick to the farm-boy look.

Personality and Interests: Edit

Isle of Man loves horses (not ponies, HORSES) and spends each and every day with them. When he's not with horses he tends to the farmland. He is very good at keeping his feet off the ground and head in the clouds, generally getting on all of his brothers nerves, even if it's not purposely. And although he may not be able to see mythical creatures, like his older brothers, due to his isolation as a child, he developed the ability to talk to animals and even Imagine them up in his mind.

Relationships: Edit

Scotland: Scotland is so protective of his little brother, it borders on creepy. Isle of Man follows Scotland around whenever he is alone; plus Scotland is very strict about who he calls big brother. Edit


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