Ishimura Tamago(石村たまご) or Mago by her friends is a fanmade and supporting character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers



Tamago having a moe style and rounded features characteristic of the illustrator. She has a shoert yellow hair. Due to her background, she is usually depicted in casual or school-related outfits.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She has extraordinary reflexes. She's a Silent type. Sometimes could be very mysterious, but she is a very capable person. She's a very focused and level headed girl. Even she is mysterious,She has a heart of gold. She loves eggs like her Mother (So she didn’t need to study hard). Thats why she could run fast and so smart.


North Italy Edit

They actually have a close relationship with each other. Veneziano was just like her older brother (even he has Lovi).


  • Her birthday, might be in April 14.
  • Her age might be around 11 and she might be a 6th grader.
  • She is the girl who  has the most flattest chest in her class.

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