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Ireland - Gráinne Kirkland.

Ireland (アイルランドAirurando) is a fanmade character in Hetalia: Axis Powers. During the course of the story, she was neutral in the wars between the Axis and Allies just like Switzerland. Between 2007 and 2008,she is given the human name,Gráinne Kirkland (カーリンカークランド Kārinkākurando).

Appearance Edit

Ireland has long vibrant ginger hair and wears two daises on each side of her head, which represent the common wildflowers that grow in Ireland. She has light fair skin and bright green eyes. Notably she a visible scar on her left cheek, which England is responsible for during the time the two went to war over Ireland's independence.

Her most recognisable feature is her height. Unlike the other countries, Ireland has a very short, yet sturdy stature and looks to be 18 years old.

A very pretty nation, she has an average slim body and a medium sized chest. Like America, though she was a colony of England, she wasn't cursed to have thick eyebrows like the other colonies such as New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong.

When Ireland was little, she was mistaken as a boy by the other countries because of her short, boyish hair, and boystrous personality. Although, her real gender was revealed as she began to mature.

In her childhood years, Ireland was rasied by Vikings so she wore clothes that were made by Viking women. Most of her head was covered by a Spangenhelm; a type of helmet worn by Vikings. The helmet is made out of silver and bronze and is decorated by a pale beige border around the base, which has screws on it and the horns of a bull are placed on the sides of the helmet. Ireland also wore an undertop made out of boar skin that was covered by her armor and breastplate. She also wore shoulder plating which covered most of her shoulders. She also wore bore skin fingerless gloves. Ireland wore a belt around her waist which held a sword placed inside a sheath and was sometimes seen carrying a round wooden sheild.

When she was not in battle and was wearing casual, she wore a white shirt with a light green overtop, brown pants, and brown shoes. When the other countries found out her real gender, Ireland began wearing more feminine clothes to show people that she was in fact a girl. She wore a white cotton sleeved shirt, with a dark green bow tied around the collar and a light green overdress over it. Along with this, she had brown boots and wore her hair in pigtails tied by dark green ribbons.

Today in her casual wear, Ireland wears a white shirt with a green dress that splits open slightly under her thigh and exposes a small part her left leg, the dress covers all of her right leg where she keeps her knife. She also wears natural coloured stockings, with green high heels.

Ireland is almost always seen wearing a light green baret on her head. It was revealed that the hat was given to her by her brother England. One day, when they stopped by a hat shop, Ireland became a little obssessed with the hat and planned to work hard to save enough money for it. Surprisingly, England earned a lot of money by getting many different jobs without his older sister knowing. England said that the baret was a thank you present for Ireland because she was always doing good things for him.

However, during times of war, Ireland takes on a completely different outfit. Instead of her usual attire, Ireland wears a dark green Irish army uniform with matching black boots, a dark green army cap and black fingerless gloves. She has a red armband which has the logo of the I.R A. The daises that are seen on her hair are replaced by black hairclips. Also, she likes to have her black army gun bag which holds a Steyr AUG; her signature weapon. She is seen with this gun even when she’s not fighting. Ireland also has a switchblade knife in her pocket which she usually uses in close combat.

Personality and Interests Edit

Ireland is depicted a cheerful and yet stubborn character. She is depicted to be really generous and caring, someone who will always be there to help out her friends. However, she gets upset easily and is shown to have anger issues, she has very strong ideals about righteousness and her unfortunately-violent outbursts are usually well-motivated. Contrast to this she is also known to have a slightly clumsy disposition.

She can be rather rude and blunt about certain things and usually makes clever, witty comments and outbursts directed at others, much to the annoyance of England. She can be rather foul-mouthed and aggressive, many countries think that’s where England gets it from, but Ireland is surprisingly good at house chores and cooking due to the fact that she was poor as a child and had to farm and do many things to keep herself alive.

Ireland seems to be naive and believes in mythical creatures that are related to her country such as leprechauns. However, she happens to be terrified of banshees and the dullahan.

Another thing that truly depicts her to be naive, is her excitement when it comes to holidays. St. Patrick's day and Halloween in particular, however, she also loves Christmas and "The Late Late Toy Show".

Ireland has an interest in black magic and casting spells. She is very athletic in combat and sports also and can go through tough obstacles. Ireland is very strong and has the ability to beat up a wild animal and wrestle a human that’s twice her size.

Ireland has a deep pride for her country and has a love for potatoes and Irish stew. Since Ireland has a reputation for drinking the most liquor at an average year than most countries, she can hold her liquor longer than anyone else, but will still eventually get drunk.

Ireland is also quite nosy and has a tendency to barge into other people’s conversation and tends to appear almost out of nowhere, which leads other countries to believe that she’s a stalker when she’s really not. Ireland also loves to interrupt and barge into the Allied Forces’s meetings, especially when England is talking. Ireland smuggles supplies for both the Allies and the Axis.

Ireland owns a pet kelpie (a mythical horse that lives in the water) named Cocoa and is very fond of the creature, the two are always seen together. It’s said that Ireland was originally scared of kelpies as they were known to trick people into riding on their backs and dragging them into the water to drown. However, when she found an injured Cocoa in a lake, she decided to tame her and eventually managed to become the kelpie’s owner, the two have become best friends since. Ireland likes to be on her people's side rather than her government and has tendencies to make fun of and hate the figure heads, who she believes to be running her country into the ground. She is however, very loyal to the political party Sinn Féinn.

A very poor country in her youth, she was very dependent on her brother England during the 19th century-20th century.

Because of Ireland’s proclaimed neutrality, she doesn’t engage very much in wars, but makes her point that she’ll only fight when she really has to. However, she has a strong sense of surviving in war and has gained lots of victories over the years her country was growing.

Also, because Ireland doesn’t choose any sides during battles, other countries will usually fight over her to join side, but she usually declines, saying she doesn’t want to spoil over victory and can’t break her constitution’s rule.

Ireland has a special job which was being responsible for creating peace treaties to settle conflicts with other countries which is also part of her neutrality. Ireland is on good terms with most of the countries and doesn’t really have any enemies. Overall, she is allies with everyone in the EU along with America, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

Relationships Edit

Prussia - Ireland has been good friends with Prussia, until one day, he snuck a teddy bear under her blanket. As he was uncovering the blanket, he was awkwarded out by seeing that she was naked. He quickly ran upstairs as Britain was watching him. Then she decided that she wanted to be more than friends. Ireland and Prussia have been together, and Prussia still tries to convince Ireland to do unspeakable things, but Ireland has lost her virginity not once, but twice to Prussia, eventually revealing that she liked it. But when she find out Prussia liked Hungary, she broke up.

England - Ireland and England fought for Independence of Ireland, but Ireland won at the end. She still has a scar on her face from Britain, but they are very close to each other. England taught Ireland how to use magic, and she has magical powers to this very day.

Japan - Ireland and Japan don't often talk, but are good friends. Their friendship is binded by Mexico, who is one of Japan's close friends.

Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. - Northern Ireland and Ireland are nearly identical twins, and Northern Ireland often tries to get Ireland to say that she hates England, even though she is very close to him. Northern Ireland once read Ireland's diary, and Ireland wouldn't forgive him for months, until she finally came to her senses. She has not met Wales yet, and barely knows who he is. Scotland and Ireland rarely talk much.

Hungary - Ireland once hated Hungary at one time, because she thought she was going to steal Prussia away from her. But when Prussia and Ireland broke up, she said to Hungary "Go ahead, take him".

Russia - Ireland is not scared of Russia at all, like most people, and even kicked his door in, because he wouldn't give her any alcohol.

America - America and Ireland often joke around about other country's relationships. They find it halarious even though the other countries don't. America once tried to stay with Ireland, because he thought Japan was too boring.

Canada- Canada is one of Ireland's close friends because they both care deeply about peace keeping and Ireland is working on strengthening the bond between them. Even though she is rather loud she works on being quiet to listen to him. They usually collaborate at UN meetings and often when England forgets about poor Canada Ireland is there to correct her little brother which irritates England a lot.

Ancient Britain - Ancient Britain is Ireland's mother, and she always listens to her, and will not disobey her. She looks up to her mother as her greatest role model.

Austria - Ireland once peaked in on Austria and Hungary's conversation, only to find out how boring it was before she left from boredome. Austria got drunk once, and appeared at Ireland's house, telling her it was time to "party" when he was dancing like a weirdo.

France - Ireland dated France once, and she hated it. She said he is too much of a player, and broke up with him after a week of dating him, but they are still close friends.

Norway - Ireland has a tiny crush on Norway, but will never cheat on Prussia. Norway also has a tiny crush on her, and he even talked to her about how he liked a girl who didn't like him. Referring to third person, that person was Ireland. Now hey're good friends.

Iceland - Ireland saw him first time in world meeting. She crushed on him and when she find out Norway is his brother, she tried to chose one of them. She chose Iceland, but haven't told him that she likes him.

England Edit

England is Ireland’s little brother. They both go a long way back, when Ireland was raised by Vikings and found England in the woods as a baby. She pretty much declared him as her brother and began to raise him as her own.

In their childhood together, Ireland and England shared a strong bond with each other and did everything together. Although, Ireland sometimes liked to prank and make fun of him, but always ended up apologising to her little brother.

A few centuries later, the two eventually became distant with each other, especially when England grew up to be a very powerful country and conquered Ireland making her one of his colonies.

Since then, the two fought with each other a lot and argued about lots of situations. Ireland would sometimes wonder why her brother has changed and wished that she could re-live the days when she and England were always by each other’s side.

England pretended that he didn't care about his past anymore, but he in reality he did. Soon, in the early 1800‘s Ireland and England merged together to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Though the merge lasted 121 years, Ireland eventually declared war for independence on England and the two had a very long and bloody battle with each other.

In 1922, Ireland and her army were victorious and left the British Commonwealth on April 18, 1949 deeming herself independent.

In present day England and Ireland have a decent relationship despite the fact they were enemies in the 16th century. They silently watch out for one another and take care of each other.

They still have a tendency to always bicker and argue about even the smallest things and go through extreme lengths to prove their points from kicking and punching to plain wrestling. But somehow, the two make up for their faults and laugh if off. Also, because of Ireland and England’s polar opposite personalities and huge height difference, people always think England is the older sibling.

The two share an interest in black magic. In general, Ireland and England get along well together and help each other during drastic situations.

France Edit

Ireland and France share a strong friendly relation ship even though his people conducted two attempts at invading her in the past. France, attempted to aid Ireland in her fight for independance, such as forming the Irish Brigade which was made up of the French army and Irish exiles that fought in the Nine Years War. Also, she fought alongside France during the Spanish Succession and Austrian Succession.

America Edit

America is the adopted little brother of Ireland. They are very good friends and have been allied with each other for a very long time. The two countries both have the same outgoing personalities and they cooperate really well, Ireland thinks of him as an innocent child with a very big appetite. She also cares for America’s bad eating habits. America likes to adapt to Irish traditions and usually has a bigger St. Patricks celebration then Ireland herself.

Japan Edit

Japan and Ireland’s relationship is pretty modest, but their relationship is beginning to grow. The two seem to cooperate with each other and are friends. Ireland is a big fan of anime and manga which Japan finds flattering. Not much is yet known about them but they visit each other every once in a while. Japan is very interested in her Celtic history.

Sealand Edit

Sealand is Ireland’s youngest brother. They both get along really well and never have any troubles with each other. Since Sealand is very small and weak, Ireland has a strong sense of protection for him and is proabably the only blood-relative Sealand has who actually supports him. Ireland is very caring towards her brother and will usually defend him when it comes to arguments with England.

Canada Edit

Like America, Canada is Ireland's adopted little brother. Ireland thinks of Canada as a sweet and kind little boy that needs caring and support. The two often are seen talking at UN meetings about the peacekeeping missions they have been on. Ireland usually scoldes England when she notices he is ignoring Canada because he is the one who took Canada from France and he should pay more attention to Canada.

Hungary Edit

Although Ireland and Hungary’s relationship isn't extrmely strong the two still share a bond. They both formed an alliance together in 1976. Ireland thinks of Hungary as an older sister and role model. Hungary is very generous to Ireland and the two care for each other.

Switzerland Edit

Ireland and Switzerland are pretty good friends. Their simalar tendencies of neutrality, tend to bring them to work well together during times of war. Not much is to be said about their relationship yet.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Edit

It has been mentioned that Ireland has three other brothers named Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All three of them share a dislike for England and love to bully him, by doing childish things such as throwing rocks at him, shooting arrows and even mailing him curses. Ireland sometimes joins her three brothers with their tactics, although she does it to a lesser extent and often tends to England’s injuries later. It’s shown that Ireland thinks “They are all gobshites, but I still love them anyway.” Since Ireland is the only blood-sister the four brothers have, they seem to be overprotective of her and would risk their own lives for her.

Scotland is protective of Ireland and always watches over her although Ireland says it’s really umfortable as she likes to rely on herself. Though the two are shown to have the strongest relationship out of them all.

Ireland thinks of Wales as the calm and smart brother in the family. Just like Scotland, Wales is protective of his little sister and always nags her about doing the right things. Wales usually has to clean up the messes after Ireland and Northern Ireland, although Ireland sometimes feels guilty for it and sometimes cooks for him (because Wales loves food) saying it’s a sorry present for his troubles. Ireland also depends on Wales when it comes to political problems and wishes to be smart like him.

Northern Ireland is the older twin brother of Ireland and have similar characteristics with each other, although their taste in certain things are differ such as food and sports. The two were close with each other and ruled the island together, until the twins were conquered by England and had to work as his slaves. Around the late 1940s, Ireland decided to leave the British Commonweatlth and tried to convince Northern Ireland to come with her, but the other twin refused and chose to stay with England. Since then, the two have seperated their boundaries with Ireland as her own indepenent nation and Northern Ireland with England.

Since the two’s seperation, they have become slighly distant with each other and often fight much to the annoyance of Scotland and Wales. However, there are times when the twins work together and Ireland believes that one day she and her brother will become one again.

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