(インドネシア, Indoneshia)


Karina Ayu Tamara






70 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Indonesia (インドネシア, Indoneshia) is a fanmade character for [[1]][Hetalia] with the given name of Karina Ayu Tamara


Karina has a black hair that she tied in pigtails (or sometimes half-pigtails). She has tanned skin and a black, dark-blue eyes. Heince she has a large amount of clothes collections even though she usually wears a white dress with pink trimmings on the side with black stockings and black shoes and a white cape with pink trimmings.


Karina has a cheerful, up-beat and easygoing personality, which sometimes causes her to be late in most occasions (jam karet ability). She is also a fearful person and gets scared easily. Despite her easygoing personality, She is a religious person and somewhat family-oriented (ex: "No drugs", "No sex before marriage"). She also has a motherly personality (her being the oldest one of the MaPhilIndo trio) who takes care of the people there. She is also a very naive person and gets tricked easily. Even though she is an upbeat person, She has a mental disorder, thinking that nobody loves her since many people leave her (being Malaysia, Philippine, Timor Leste, etc) alone. She sometimes smokes and drinks when other people leave her. She could also be seen as a 'Yangire' character since she also uses strong curses which no one (including herself) could contradict. Aside that, Karina is a fairly laidback, cheerful person. She is also someone who is a romantic person and sometimes flirts with others.


Karina is really interested in stories and dramas and watches them a lot. She also loves Music and Movies produced by Im Yong-Soo (ex: Super Junior, Winter Sonata, etc) and India (Rama and Shinta, etc). She also dances a lot. Karina is a fairly good cook and cooks for her family when they're still young. She also loves to take photos of the nature and does sports such as Soccer or Badminton, etc.


  • She gets sick easily
  • Even though she has a lot of sea, she can't swim
  • She dances a lot
  • She is scared of cockroaches, and many other Insects

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