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Republic of Indonesia (インドネシア)(Republik Indonesia)


Indonesianflag Republic of Indonesia (Republik Indonesia)

Human Name




August 17 (Independence Day)




160 cm


45 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color

Deep Chestnut

Indonesia (インドネシア, Indoneshia) is a fanmade character for 'Hetalia: Axis Powers'.
Edit : I'm sorry i had to take down the picture & the human name because Kirana is no longer a hetalia oc. Sorry i didn't tell to the article writer before. - (Rurimon on deviantArt)
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Indonesia in her TNI uniform

Indonesia has long dark chestnut (but often just said as black) hair, chestnut colored eyes, and a slihgtly tanned skin. Her attire is never certain since she represents the whole Indonesian country in which there are many different cultures and clothing in each territory. But she does just enjoy wearing in her TNI military uniform, and usually prefers it most of the time (Since she is always running around and skirts usually don't coperate well with that)

Name Origin

Indonesia derives from the Latin Indus which means thousand , and the Greek nèsos, meaning "island", and when combined into 'Indonesia' it means "thousand islands"

Personality and Interests

Indonesia can be said to be a yandere character. She has had a bloody past with some memories that she does not want to remember. She can come to a breaking point to where her anger or hatred brings her to an extreme state of mind that can cause her to get violent. Violent enough to turn the situation bloody. But aside from that, she is a cheerful, warm girl. Very high-spirited and full of energy, though when she burns out, it can seem like a major sugar crash. Indonesia isalso a very trusting person, causing her to be guillable and easily tricked. She is also a very proud girl who can hold her head up too high at times.Indonesia is still very tied with traditional cultures (ex. No sex before marriage) and is also very religious and knowledgeable about spirits and the spirit world. Like Britain, she is also able to other worldly creatures and does

Indonesia in her national soccer uniform, her game face on. Courtesy of Indonesia-tan on

manage to deal with them well since she has lived with them for more than a thousand years. Indonesia is also known as a master sorcerer. She can summon entities and command them at will. Her magic can be used to heal, and can also harm or even kill. She can inflict grueling curses that no one but herself can remove.

Indonesia is a master her traditional martial-art; pencak silat. She has taken her training to extreme heights since they were one of her only defenses against Netherlands and Japan in the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Like Australia, she also has a unique variety of plants and wildlife where she shares his passion for adventure. Indonesia particularily has a high sense of curiousity and somewhat of a short attention span, so she needs to move on to one subject to another before she bores herself.

Indonesia is a talented dancer and singer. She is capable of doing many traditional dances and songs within all her territories. Indonesia is also bilangual. Her languages consists of Indonesian, English, Chinese, and Dutch.

She is crazy about her traditional food and drinks, and she is a big fan of wayang golek, soap operas, and the Mahabarata, Barata Yuda, and Ramayana novel series (Courtesy of India).

Indonesia is known to be quite athletic and she has an extremely competitive attitude when it comes to competing. This is one of the causes of her pride. She is a pro at badminton and a good soccer player, although she can be a sore loser.


Netherlands ([?])

Netherlands took Indonesia under his rule in 1602. He treats her like a maid as she has to do everything for him. Netherlands forced her to use most of her land to plant sugar canes, tea, and coffee to pay the crop tax he has over her, causing her to almost starve to death since she almost didn't have any land at all to plant food for herself. Not only that, Indonesia was also forced to mine for gold, build his buildings, and dig out his secret bases in the mountains. But after years of colonization, Netherlands eventually learned to love her.

He shared many of his cultures and language with her, with some still being used by her today. But even with his tolerence toward her over time, Indonesia never seemed to catch his gestures of affection and in fact utterly despises him.

In 1942, Indonesia was taken away from him by Japan and after 3 and a half years, Indonesia proclaimed her independence when Japan was forced to surrender. Netherlands came back for her in hopes to reclaim her again, to no avail. He was forced out of her land with help from Japan, who was trying to repay his cruelty towards her during his colonization. Netherlands eventually learned to accept Indonesia as her own country in 1949 and the two had have a dormant relationship since.

England (Arthur Kirkland)

Arthur took over her when Netherlands surrendered to Germany. At that time he taught her English and also rearranged the government she lived under. His rule didn't last very long since Netherlands soon had managed to re-claim Indonesia after arranging an agreement from the council of Europe. Though they have a strong bond and are still friends until now.

Malaysia (Maya Lisa)

Indonesia sees Malaysia as a sibling. In fact, they once lived together in the Majapahit Kingdom. The two argue over many things. Whether it is over land, resources, or cultural claims. But still, they are siblings and they care for each other. Malaysia and Indonesia both share the island of Borneo, with some states belonging to Malaysia and the others to Indonesia.

They both became rivals over the years and whenever these two are together, you can expect some wild cat and dog fights. Indonesia and Malaysia both have nicknames for each other in which case Malaysia calls her 'Indon' and Indonesia calls her 'Malon'. They both hate the nicknames given to each other and they're usually used when arguing with each other. Though secretly, they are just jealous of each other.


Indonesia under Japan's colonization. Made by Rupyon on

Japan (Honda Kiku)

Japan occupied Indonesia in 1942 for 3,5 years in WWII. He is a self-proclaimed sibling of Indonesia. Japan convinced her to leave Netherlands by promising her freedom in exchange for aid, but as it turns out, Japan's so called 'request for aid' was far worse than that of Netherlands' colonization, with some even containing some sexual orders.

In just 3,5 years, he had completely drained her from rescources and everything needed to stay alive; food, shelter, and medicine. Indonesia was once again treated as a slave, but this time, an abused slave, earning him unimaginable hatred from Indonesia.

But after Japan's largest city was destroyed by the Allied Forces, his troops were forced to retreat and Indonesia took that time of freedom to proclaim her independence. This effort was in the end, supported by Japan by helping her form the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI in Indonesia, previously the Business Investigation Agency for the Preparation of Indonesian Independence or BPUPKI in Indonesia) on 7th August 1945, 10 days before the actual proclamation.

But even after the proclamation, Netherlands had came back for Indonesia. Japan fought alongside her to force Netherlands out of her home. And since then, Indonesia seems to have forgiven him and they have had a good relationship with each other ever since.

Australia (Jack Kirkland[?])

A neighbour and a close friend to Indonesia. Indonesia traded cloth, rice, metals, and spices with him in exchange for sea cucumbers and pearls in the 15th to 16th centuries. The two used to be best friends but were separated when the VOC (Netherlands) invaded Indonesia and Australia was colonized by Britain. And after WWII, their relationship had sadly grown more dormant. Nowadays, he would often make bets with her and ask her to do something 'odd' (A kiss on the cheek, being a personal maid for a day, etc.) as a prize.

China (Wang Yao)

China is a big brother figure to Indonesia. He used to be Indonesia's number one customer when it comes to sea cucumbers and spices in the 16th to the 17th centuries. China has a caring attitude towards her. He has taught and influenced her with his cultures, eventually having Indonesia celebrate some of his festivals and events as well. She loves it when China comes and tells her about his myths and legends, (since Indonesia is a sucker for stories) but over the passt years, the two's relationships had grown rather dormant, but they still do care for each other.

America (Alfred F. Jones)

Is an ally of Indonesia. Their relationship can be considered very unstable. The only thing binding them would be the political and economical relations that are written on paper. However, Alfred is not very fair in his bargains. The example for this is the Gradberg Freeport agreement, which is a gold mine located in Indonesia's island of Papua. The said mine produces multi-billion dollars worth of gold. America provides the supplies and machines while Indonesia provides the land and workers. Even though most of the work lies on Indonesia's shoulders, she only earns 1% of the entire total of gold collected while the rest is taken by America.

He easily gets on her bad side, though she does admit he makes good movies.

Ottoman Empire ([?])

They were ingaged in a trade for weapons such as canons and guns in exchange for spices such as cloves, and nutmegs.

Russia (Ivan Braginski)

Both Indonesia and Russia are members of the APEC. During WW2, Russia was one of the countries who supported Indonesia for Independence. They also exchange and buy weapons from each other.


He ruled Timor Leste for over 400 years and also happens to be one of her first colonizers. They fought over the posession of Malacca and the spice monopoly in Aceh. But nowadays, they are on good terms. Indonesia likes to watch his soccer games.

South Korea (Im Yoong Soo)

Indonesia enjoys South Korea's entertainment very very much. She likes the dramas that he makes and the music that he makes. (Kpop)

Marukaite Chikyuu

Hey hey bapa, can i drink some badrek

Hey hey emak hey hey emak

I can't forget the taste

Of that Gado - Gado that i had before

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

I am Indonesia

Draw a circle, there's Earth

Looking closely, there's Earth

Or maybe it's the Earth

I am Indonesia

Ah, a wondeful world

Can be seen with a Batik

Go forward

to defend our country


"Ah, i'm hungry! Are we going to eat rendang?

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

I am Indonesia

Draw a circle, there's Earth!

Sunddenly, there's Earth

Lie on your back, there's Earth

I am Indonesia

Ah, with some Grilling

a recipe will make you cry with joy

"Did you mean sate?"

The zipper of joy is fully opened


Hey hey Maya give Rendang

While you're at it, sorella, please boil it!

Oi, oi, nonno, I am at peace.

Yes, yes, bambino

"Is that for me?"

Hey hey bapa, can i drink some badrek

Hey hey emak hey hey emak

I can't forget the taste

Of that Gado - Gado that i had before



I am Indonesia!

Ah, a wondeful world

Can be seen with a Batik

Go forward

to defend our country


Ah, throughout the world,

Sleeps the recipe of happiness

And we will explorating thi place



  • Indonesia was one of the founders of ASEAN
  • She does not own an official design from Himaruya.

    Courtesy of Indonesia-tan on

  • She is very superstitious person.
  • Indonesia can be called a tomboy because of her love for sports and her obession over soccer, and winning.
  • In some versions of her, a white Jasmine flower is laced in her hair instead of an orchid. In her Bali clothes, Indonesia wears a cambodia in her hair.
  • Indonesia is actually more than a thousand years old if counted from the age of the kingdoms that existed centuries ago.
  • Indonesia is the eldest of the Malay siblings. (the other members being Malaysia and Philippines
  • Indonesia hate Drunk people, Alcohol and people who have sex before married
  • Indonesie very love soccer but she doesn't know she have a tallent on badminton

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