Illinois is a Fan-Made character for the anime and web comic Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Her human name is Nicole Jones, though she preffers Nick instead of Nicole.

Illinois is at a fairly normal height of 5'6. She used to have long blonde hair, but she cut it short because she had wanted to look like a boy. Also, she has a 'Nantucket' of her own, though her's represents Chicago. She has a pair of glasses like Alfred's that represent Springfield. When alone she just wears a pair of jeans and a red shirt, but when at meetings or away from home she'll wear a pair of jeans, a white dress shirt (Women style), and a black coat. She themed her style after the mafia, since one of the most well known American mafia was in Illinois. She has blue eyes, though her color is slightly lighter then Alfred's. She has a gun holester, with a gun in it, on her at all times.

Nick's quiet, shy, and brave. She could be reading away in a isolated room all day if she wanted to. Though quiet and shy counteract brave, she really can be brave if the cause is something that she cares about.

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