Idris is a -so far unintroduced- fan made character for Hetalia. She personifies the small nation of Idris which is home to the Shadowhunters (From the novel, City of Bones.) and is located between France and Germany. (Note: Country is not real.)


Idris is a young looking woman, despite being just as old, if not slightly older, than China. She has long straight, jet black hair, and deep violet eyes. Her skin is milky white, and she mostly wears a long black dress with wide sleeves and a hood.


Idris is a kind and wise woman. However, since her people are all magic using Shadowhunters, and stay hidden, most nobody knows about her, and she hasn't been in a war for thousands of years. Idris is gentle, compassionate, patient, and understanding. However, there is something about her that always makes people just the slightest bit uneasy.

Since Idris is home to magical and paranormal beings, she DOES have vampires, werewolves, and demons in her country, and is a vampire herself (like Romania).

She actually grew up very close to China. The two traded often, and were great allies. Sadly, Idris had to go into hiding, and nobody but China and Romania remember her.



As said above, the two grew up very close, and traded often. China is the only nation besides Romania who hasn't forgotten Idris.


The two are still great allies. Romania is the only nation that still sees Idris from time to time. Romania, along with China, is the only one that remembers her.


She knew Japan when he was still small. She loved him almost like a son, but he forgot her after she left.

South Korea and Hong Kong:

Pretty much the same story as what happened with Japan.

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