Human Name

Alejandro Carriedo

Full Human Name

Alejandro Baleares Carriedo




February 12


Spain (brother)

Eye color


Skin color




'Alejandro' Carriedo or Ibiza is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.He is the brother of Spain.He represents the island of Ibiza,Spain.


He has white skin,amber eyes,dirty blonde hair and a clear cut face.He usually wear a white polo,a necktie,light brown cargo pants or jeans,a fedora hat (his most price possession) and a headphones.He actually quite muscular,which attract alot of girls.He speaks in a Balearic accent and the Catalan Language,however,he too can speak Spanish.


He is a care-free,happy-go-lucky person,he has a bright personality which causes a lot of nation to befriends with him.Like his brother Spain,he is optimistic and passionate,and always sees the bright side of things.He is also a peoples-person,he always gets along with others,he can also detect when a person would always take advantage of him.Spain describes him as "the most friendliest person in the entire world".


Like Chicago,he too can DJ (infact,he was teach by her).His Balearic beat house music would always attrach alot of tourist on to his island,making one of the most popular persons the world.Spain also considered him rich due to him always DJ-ing on nightclubs all the time,However,Spain also describe Balearic beat "upbeat,hypnotic and aggressive".


Spain [Antonio Fernandez Carriedo]Edit

The two are both brothers to each other,the two considered themselves best friends.Despite the fact that Ibiza has a home of his on,he would always hang-out at Spains house.He has been teaching Spain how to DJ,even thought he doesn't get the hang of it.

Chicago [Bella Jones]Edit

The two are close friends,she was the one who tought him how to Dj,which became Balearic beat.Unknown to her,he has a crush on her.


The two are best friends and gambling partners,unknown to him,she actually likes his music.

Greece [Heracles Karpusi]Edit

Despite age difference,The two are best-of-friends,however,it's hard for him to teach Greece how to party due to his serious personality.Greece is the one who gave him his fedora hat for his 16th birthday.

Japan [Honda Kiku]Edit

The two are best friends.Like Greece,it's hard for him to him how to party due to him being shy.Much to Japan's dismay,Ibiza isn't an otaku.


  • He has the same birthday as Spain however,Ibiza is a year yonger than him.
  • Him being the most popluar person came from the fact that the island is one of the most visited tourist spots the entire world
  • Balearic beat did actually came from Ibiza
  • His middle name came from the fact that Ibiza came from the Balearic Islands,an autonomous community in Spain
  • His abs are just like Taylor Lautner's when his shirt his off
  • His friendly nature came from how calm the sunsets in Ibiza
  • Ibiza is an island in the Balearic autonomy region (an archipelago in Spain),so that's why he has a house of his own.
  • He doesn't know anything about Sweden,however,he note that he think that he forgot to smile.

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