Wang Chu (王楚) is the personification of Hubei province, China (湖北省). He has an younger twin brother, named Wang Hui (王辉) who is the personification of Hunan.

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Through around 4000 years old, he looks 13. He has chest-nut brown eyes and fairly long black hair with a curly strand sticking out at the side. He is small and thin.

He often wears a serious expression but he is far more relaxed than you think.


A serious boy, Chu might not be the most sociable person in the world, but he is very close to his siblings, especially Hui.

A somewhat secretive person, he is very determined and ambitious. You can count on him to do excatly what he says. He is also very self-sufficient.

He has a short-temper that he can control to an extent. When he becomes angry/ upset, he starts talking too fast, and the words get slurred together. He also becomes quite violent, using his Kungfu skills.


Hubei is a province in central China. He is often called the 'Land of Fish and Rice' and is well-know for his mines of fine turquoise. He has been said to be one of the originating places of chinese people.

Hui and Chu were both part of the province of Huguang 湖廣until the Qing dynasty. As a result, Chu is very used to doing Hui's share of the paperwork as well.


His province name is Hubei 湖北.

His human name is Wang Chu 王楚. (王 means king and is his dad Yao's surname. 楚 is a small blue/purple flower whose leaves are used in medicine, but he is mainly named after the powerful state of Chu that existed on his land.)


Hunan, or Wang Hui, is his younger twin brother. Energetic and cheerful, he is the opposite of Hubei. They are very close and used to represent the same province Huguang before serparating into Hunan and Hubei.

Hui owns a bamboo flute as a weapon.

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His private life is extremely private. He often plays chess with anyone he can find, but apart from that, he's very secretive about what he does.


Note these pictures are older and badly drawn.

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