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California (Desiree/Desi Jones)Edit

Personality: California is a bubbly and slightly cocky individual. She is kind of a tom-boy bec
Cali girl
ause she grew up around her 15 brothers and much like Hungary, she wasn't aware of her gender until later in life. She can be annoying when she doesn't get her way and has a bit of a potty mouth. She is incredibly tough since she holds a great amount of America's milatary power and can be quite the fighter.

Looks:Cali is strikingly tall at almost six two and has tan skin and a spotted face. Her hair is messy and golden blonde and it reached to her waist. She had deep green-blue eyes and a smirk more than anything plastered on her face. She says she's forgotten how to smile. She wears a red tube top,tank tops, and old tshirts with old cutoffs mainly and will avoid wearing anything on her feet except for flip-flops and her old grubby sneakers.

Interests: Desi loves marine biology. She can speak to sea animals since she refers to the Pacific as her mother. (She has no real parents) She loves boogy boarding and hanging out at the beach. Another love of hers is blogging and Role playing or anything to do with computers as well as being an incredibly good hacker. She likes school, but sees most of it as a waste of time. She's fluent in many languages since when she was born in the Gold Rush because many diversities of people came and she paid attention to thair words.


Alfred F. Jones: Not her dad. He is mainly an older brother figure and soure of constant annoyance.

Alex Jones: (Arizona) He was her one particularly close brother becaue he thought she was his mom until age 7 and they grew up together.

Margret Jones:(Boston) Desi and her get into fights constantly because Boston acts like a girly girl.

Kilauni Jones: (Hawaii) They rarley ever see each other but Desi and her are the best of siblings even though Kilauni is much younger.

Nathan Jones:(Oregon) Another one of her close siblings, Nathan and her don't talk as much. (Nathan feels awkward around her because she's his sister and he thinks she's cute.)

Michal Jones:(Nevada) Desi and Michal both love playing games and daring each other to do stupid stuff.

(She hangs out with many countries, and enjoys playing pranks but has a strange fear of Canada.)

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