Sofia Vainamoinen is a fan-made character for the series Hetalia-Axis Powers and World Series. She represents the capital of Finland and is seen as a 13 year old girl


Helsinki's appearence is an olive-skinned girl with choppy brown hair and blue-violet eyes similar to Finland's. She is seen to wear her hair in pigtails with golden and white ribbons and wears a white dress with long puffed sleeves with gold lining and brown lace-up boots.

Personality and IntrestsEdit

Helsinki is said to be a girl with a peppy attitude. She is usually a girl who can make friends easily, and hasn't failed to make anyone not laugh at her jokes. However, as a child, when she was a maid to Sweden, she was prone to having violent outbursts that often landed her in trouble. They only got worse when she was given to Russia, as she went crazy over the fact that she had little to no food to eat, and the sicknesses around her.

When the Winter War came, she fought



She is okay with Finland although she hates his constant worrying about her. She says she is remotely thankful that he cared about her during a unsafe time period and helped rid of her outbursts.


She absolutely hates Sweden with a burning passion. She believes that he has done major damage that shouldn't have been inflicted on her, or her older brother. His torture only made her outbursts become worse to the point where she tried to stab him. Today, she is calmer, but still holds a grudge in her heart.


  • One of the main events that made Helsinki violent was the Finnish Civil War and the famines in the country. She wasn't fed properly and often worked harsh labor.

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