The Rhineland


Flagge von Rheinland Pfalz by Student Rhineland


The general regions of land which surround the river Rhine


October 25th

Apparent Age:





193 cm (6 ft 4 in)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Current Residence:

Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz

Creation Date:

December 2009

The Rhineland ( Rheinland, ラインラント) is a fan-created character from the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.  He is a representation of the geographical region surrounding the Rhine river, largely between France and Germany.  Although he considers himself to be German, unlike most representations of Hetalia, he does not feel his "house" is bound by political boundaries, and as consequence is resentful of France's modern hold of the Alsace region.  He has taken a recent liking the city of Mainz, where he resides currently. ==
Character credit goes to VerbotenerGottEdit


The Rhineland is seen as a well-built, tall young man, who uses his physical size for the wine agriculture and metal industry of his home.  Despite the modern times, he dresses for simplicity in the fields, in leather boots, dark grey trousers, thick black suspenders, and a cream-white button-up shirt, the sleeves of which he rolls up. 

His blond hair is darker than that of his brothers'.  He attempts to push it back in a manner similar to Germany, but the unruliness of his wavy hair makes it difficult, leaving his hair, usually, a mess. (The waviness of his hair is rumoured to be attributed to distant genetic relation to France--a claim Rhineland refutes profusely.)

Personality and MannerismsEdit

Due to the frequent wars waged between France and Germany along the river Rhine, and constant territory exchange, the Rhineland is a serious, wary man who has a difficult time trusting people--however, once he does trust a person, he cares about them greatly.  He is extremely resentful of war, as he would much rather tend to his vinyards and fields, and still dons a large scar on his left shoulder from the first World War.  Firearms unnerve him greatly.

His air is very much that of a "simple country man", despite his vast talents and knowledge of wine-making and metalworking.  He is socially quite awkward, especially around women, but opens up and becomes much more animate if his interests are a topic of conversation.

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