Gwangju (Jin Sooyoung)



Human Name:

Jin Sooyoung




the city of Gwangju,South Korea

Gwangju or by human name,Jin Sooyoung,is a fanmade character for Hetalia:Axis Power,She is the eldest cousin of South Korea and the sister of Busan,She represents the city of Gwangju of South Korea.


She is based on real-life singer Sooyoung,she has Brown wavy hair,brown eyes,cheekbones,and a Victoria Justice like face,she idolizes Girl's Generation (even thought,she likes BigBang member Taeyang) and always wears a T-shirt with Girl's generation designs on it (like songs,members,logo etc.).


Even thought she like to be like her older sister,Busan,she would often sing with her,however Busan knows she dances very well (even better than her) and wants her to use this,instead of following her,due to the fact the she qouted"everybody's got talent that they want to show,and you should show yours".


Unlike her sister,she is actually shy,yet,not afraid to stand-out infront of the crowd.She never throws a tantrum,instead, she would just turn the other cheek when she gets mad.


Busan [Dara Tae-lee]

The two get along very well,they also had plans to make a singing duo together.

Sweden [Berwald Oxensteirna]

Unlike everybody,she is never scare of him,they also get along together

Bonn [Benjamin Horler]

The two are currently dating together,much of Busan's Dismay


  • She idolizes Girl's Generation and S.M entertainment stars (opposite of Busan)
  • They only YG star she like's is Taeyang of BigBang
  • She hates Pasta.

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