This is the fan page for Guatemala, or her human name, Isabel López  She is the sister of Rio de Janeiro , Sophia López. For the most part, she's very quiet {{Infobox

|Box title = Information |Row 1 title = Name |Row 1 info = Isabel López (Human Name)

Guatemala |Row 2 title = Family |Row 2 info = Sophia López/Rio de Janeiro(Sister)

Spain(brother) |Row 3 title = Friends |Row 3 info = Canada






Rio de Janeiro |Row 4 title = Enemies






Personality: though she can be tough at times she is very nice. Her country is very lively even though her people live in poverty. She is quite a fun person when you get to know her.

She usually doesn't wear 1 outfit only, she wears multiple outfits along with multiple colors. Her clothes are woven from the textiles that her people have done.

As a kid she got into quite a bit of trouble, she often had fun in the fields with her friends. When Spain took over he was harsh at first, he ended up being kinder to her but not her people. He ended up changing a lot of things before he left, she gained her independence from him later on. She went from the Mayan Empire to Guatemala. She has no crushes right now and she often prefers her friends, she has had a few crushes through out the years such as: Portugal, Romano, and America.


  • "No I don't speak 'Mexican' America." (When she's talking to Alfred)
  • "I notice you Canada." (She says this to Canada)

  • "Hmph! People never know that I am a country." (When she finds out humans don't know about her)

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