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Greenland(Gurīnrando) is a fan-made character for Hetalia: Allied powers. Her human name is Erika Køhler.

Greenland (Erika Køhler)


Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland)




Dark brown








Greenland is a nice girl but decides to live alone to be safe from most threats. She is rather loud when among family. Greenland loves dog sledding, coffee, soup, and most animals. Her favourite animal is a Greenland husky. She doesn't know a lot of other countries due to the agreement settled between her and Denmark, so she looks lonely to most of them. But what they don't know, is that she is completely content with being isolated.


Greenland has dark brown to black hair and has fairly dark skin because of her Inuit roots. Her eyes are a deep shade of brown and she has a small frame. She is taller than Iceland. Greenland also has a small bust, considering there is little to no agriculture business there. She has a small scar on her back from the Viking ages.


Denmark: Greenland admire him as a big brother even though she would never admit it.

Norway: Greenland is perplexed by Norway since they were considered enemies at one time but now they just small talk sometimes. Greenland doesn't exactly like him but they do team up against Denmark some time, when said country is annoying one of them.

Canada: Canada is what Greenland calls a 'true best friend.' They talk to each other about their problems and often go to ski resorts on weekends together. Greenland loves Canada to death as a brother. He taught her everything she knows about dog-sledding.

America: Greenland spends less time with him, but is still appreciative for the help during WWll.

Iceland: Greenland and Iceland are very close, as with the "Erik the Red" ordeal. They were settled around the same time, though Iceland is the older twin. They look nothing alike due to their cultural differences.

Scotland: Greenland also doesn't know much about Scotland but they did meet in person when a small amount of Scottish whalers came to Greenland looking for a trade.


  • Her astrological sign is Gemini.
  • Her choice of weapon is a spear because her aim is great.
  • She loves seal hunting and whaling.
  • Her birthday is June 21.

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