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Greenland (グリーンランド Gurīnrando) is a fan-made character for the series: hetalia. Greenland is A nordic country, that was once under the rule of Denmark. Greenland considers Denmark as her older brother, even though they are not technically related.

Her human name is: Biina Kuunana


Greenland is around 5'5" and has long medium brown hair, due to her Dutch and Inuit people, that she likes to wear back in a braid with her bangs looseand her inward faceing curl on her right side of her bangs. She also has blue eyes that "are as blue as the aroaras". she has paler skin that came with the coldness of her country.

Personality and interestsEdit

Greenland can be sweet and friendly, but can also be "cold" to certain people. She perfers to wear blue, even though her countrys' flag is white and red, she feels that blue captures her personality more that red would.

she loves the cold weather and would perfer ice over warmth. She loves music and is noted to hum or softly sing while doing work. She also loves to draw and sketch, mostly the northern lights and animals that wander around. Greenland is also an amazing fisher and hunter, and is known to carry around a small hunting knife.


Denmark: Denmark is seen as an older brother figure. The two argue about every other conversation, and have a love/hate relationship between them. most of their arguments are centered around why she left him for independence or (like any big brother would) the people she's allied or friends with.

America: America and Greenland started off as buisness relations that soon turned into a good friendship. America is know to talk to greenland about horror games and movies because she is not so easily scared.

Canada: The two started with Buisness relations then it turned into friendship, because apparently Greenland can see canada. The two also get along because of the climate and cultural similarities.

Iceland: Greenland is know to visit Iceland because he is the only nordic close to her that she can talk to or just sit with for company.

Norway, Sweden, and Finland: the four don't usually socialize together but will talk and discuse buisness, news, and other such things.

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