Greenland (グリーンランド, Guriinrando) is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. In Always With You... Nordic Five!, Denmark mentions that Greenland along with The Faroe Islands and Finland mentioned The Åland Islands are part of the Nordics as their autonomous territories. He received the human name Kujaaq Absalonsen (クジャーク アブセーロンセン, Kujaaku Abuseeronsen).[1]

Greenland Mascot Chibi

Greenland Mascot Chibi with Flag.

Attributes Edit


Greenland has shoulder-length brown hair with two separate ahoges in the same place that acts like a erogenous zone and shapes itself depending on Greenland's emotions. He has brown eyes and lightly tanned skin as Inuit. He wears a belted, heavy tan skin-made hooded snow coat with brown fur, deep brown pants, black gloves and a long white or light tan scarf. His boots are thigh-high, laced in dark brown and also skin-made. Underneath his coat is a sweater. He sometimes mentioned his sweaters are gifts from The Faroe Islands, but is rather bored of having the same gifts.

He is rather tall due to the land area as the world's largest island, but not as tall as Denmark, about two cm shorter than him but taller than Åland due to his massive island, geographically the size of Mexico and Saudia Arabia. Despite Inuits are usually short.

Greenland is sometimes depicted with a long spear. He is sometimes depicted with goggles like Canada or a purple earmuff or even with his hoodie up.

Personality and Interests

Greenland is a shy, lonely, sensitive and a curious crybaby Inuit men who rarely knows about other cultures and often stays inside due to climate change, having little friends as an isolated large territory and the extreme cold. Despite being one of the Nordics, he always feels extremely lonely as much as Russia felt and have a huge hated of loneliness, so huge that he rather be accompanied with someone he doesn't know or doesn't like, such as Germany who he fought against with America in WWII. Though he no longer considered him his enemy, he is scared of him as much as he feared of Russia and Sweden's aura. If there were noises or arguments occurred, he would ignore it as it reminds him the same way Russia said. Often, when his friends visit, he wishes they could stay longer because his dogs can't talk, upsetting him greatly. A disturbing fact that Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world, Greenland is often in a depressed situation like Russia when he talks about his sisters. When he gets upset, Greenland would rush to his nearest friend he can count on, especially Denmark in bad times. When searching up on the news, he complains how the news are almost always talking about "climate change", which is a word that would make him urge to cry. This shows that how much it easily get on his nerves. Like Prussia, gets upset when hearing any words that sound like "mark" for unknown reasons. Due to climate change, Greenland expresses difficulty having to watch the glaciers effect his morale, melting, splashing and "disappearing". This can be a connection on why he doesn't like ice cream as it reminds him that ice creams melts, so will glaciers that look "depressing" to him. Also is because it's too cold for him "anytime" and skips as often as he could. If he would be told if he has to consume something cold other than ice creams, he would suggest soda. Greenland tries to show strength and pride in himself in bad situations. With Iceland, he talked about that he is the one is farthest from the Nordics but Iceland says that he rarely comes to Nordic Meetings and told him not to take "sacrifice in words". Because Greenland couldn't understand most cultures, he ask France to try a French cuisine. He showed his Escargots, instead of eating it with a fork, he bit right into it, angering France until it redo it the next day with France watching and instructing him. During Nordic Meetings, Greenland is almost always late because he has trouble affording expensive flights and managing on time in cold weathers. Like Finland, they are both very strong against the cold. Another side of Greenland is that he is very loyal to his people, treating them the best he can, worrying if any of them could be suicidal. He often acts kind and informal regardless of age.

In places where is hot or too warm, Greenland always have trouble adjusting to the weather, otherwise collapsing under the heat helplessly. The opposite of Seychelles in a comic during Christmas of her about to collapse until Cuba catches her due to not being used to the cold weather she can't have in Africa.

Soccer is popular in Greenland, unfortunately they can never get into international soccer games except International Football Union (Secondary governing body of association football for nations and sub-national countries that are not FIFA members) because they can't support any grass pitches so games are played on artificial turf. Also traveling is expensive. He is not good at soccer that he had less green grass to play if their are ice sheet everywhere. Despite all of that, The Faroe Islands is part of Fifa, making Greenland even more sad.

His favourite snack is Muktuk. His favourite drink is hot chocolate and coffee. Due to the harsh weather, Greenland's only source of food are imports and food from the ocean by hunting.

Greenland is said to have own many dogs the way Finland owns reindeers, including a puppy and a cat, which is hinted to be Greenland-Cat. He has the ability to see mythical creatures such as Norway's Troll and fairies due to cultural beliefs.

During WWII, Greenland was under cared by America and get along with him greatly, he allow him to build Thule Bases and teach him how to fight in the war for the first time. Excitingly, they defeated Germany and cheered all the way home for hot chocolate.

Greenland sells boats on different sizes, structure and operation style. Such as a small canoe, a speed boat and a larger boat for more than 15 people. When using cars, he hardly knows how to drive as most Greenlanders own boats than cars.

Like Russia, his scarf has the same ability has an extra limb, when asked to remove it, he does it so but hopes he wouldn't lose it.

Relationships Edit

Åland Islands

A close friend and member of the Nordics and their self-made group The Nordic Dependent Islands (Trio). They get see each other as friends though Åland is mor he's scared or just being shy, he hides behind Denmark or other people he knows well. When Denmark was invaded and occupied, Greenland shows great fear and concern if he would be ok, unsure of how long he'll stay occupied. Denmark made an agreement for America to occupied Greenland until the end of the war. At the 2011 Halloween Event, Denmark was shocked at Greenland's costume with the other two, but is concern of their balance. He along with the other Nordics aren't sure who's inside until they collapsed. Denmark is one of Greenland's friend that calls him "Green" for short like "Ice" and "Icy" for short.


Ever since Denmark was occupied by Germany, America looked after him until Denmark was liberated. When Germany tried to build weather stations forces on Greenland, America came to Greenland's defense. When Greenland entered the war, he became a warring nation. When they hang out together, relationships between the two were still strong, they trade and share food. Especially meat and fatty food. But America was rather distraught that his people eat whales as part of their cuisine. Greenland though that America should lose weight properly. Before entering the war, America gave Greenland scarf as a gift because he though it could help more for the harsh weather. Greenland, wanting to be a better country, he sometimes rely on him. Until them, America has gain geopolitical interest to him and offer Denmark to buy Greenland for $100,000,000 buy Denmark refuses.


As acquaintances, before America occupies Greenland, he and Canada had interest taking over the island. When The Faroe Island is not around, Greenland is the next person for him to talk to. When Greenland decided to leave the EU, Britain was very shocked since he wanted to leave as well. Greenland is politically part of Europe, which is why Greenland is a member when Denmark became a member.[2]


The two share the same fact of common seal hunting and having a country with Indigenous peoples, though Greenland has more natives there. Denmark and Canada kept their relations in the Arctic Island Dispute between Canada and Greenland until they saw Hans Island. They tried not to fight over small things.


Greenland doesn't see him as his older brother and is rather annoy of him but care of his well-being. At bad situations, he would rush over to Denmark in tears while Denmark belittles him. Whenever he's scared or just being shy, he hides behind Denmark or other people he knows well. When Denmark was invaded and occupied, Greenland shows great fear and concern if he would be ok, unsure of how long he'll stay occupied. Denmark made an agreement for America to occupied Greenland until the end of the war. At the 2011 Halloween Event, Denmark was shocked at Greenland's costume with the other two, but is concern of their balance. He along with the other Nordics aren't sure who's inside until they collapsed. Denmark is one of Greenland's friend that calls him "Green" for short like "Ice" and "Icy" for short.


The NDI doesn't take Estonia's wishes to be Nordic seriously. They were more "Nordic" than Estonia as territories at least and sees him as a stranger rather than a "soon-to-be a new Nordic member".

Faroe Islands

The two also share a friendship bond. The Faroe Islands would send him sweaters she knitted (From Faroese Sheeps) as gifts, much to his annoyance, but tries not to hurt her feelings. She often feel bad for Greenland that he went through so such changes. As for both they had a protector during WWII, hers bring Britain who invaded her islands in a friendly manner and became friends that he taught her Britain cuisine and culture she become to love fish and chips and Dairy Milk chocolate (Which is available throughout the islands, but not in Denmark). Like Åland, their cooperation as a trio is so-so. She is usually the one to comfort Greenland's depressed moments. According to Faroe, whale killing and dolphin killing is part of their culture, Greenland isn't terrified of the whale killing explanation but is surprised when she talked about dolphins are also victims. Even children are there to see such blood.[3] Greenland and Faroe see each other more than with Åland due to being ruled over by the same person. When playing soccer, Greenland gets jealous that Faroe gets to participate, making Faroe feeling pity for him and makes a promise to play soccer together afterwards with Åland. But end up defeating him.


They talked to each other on occasions and don't know each other very well as friends. Finland was shocked to see Greenland's costume on Halloween but wasn't aware who's inside until the three fell apart.


Germany fought against Greenland and America during WWII and struggle to the harsh weather while America and Greenland (Mostly Greenland) endured the cold, destroyed their stations and captured the Germans. Greenland was frighted of him but came to accept his presence and stops considering him his enemy until the end of WWII. Before leaving the EU, he has talked to Germany on a few occasions and had no tensions between them.


Greenland states he was slightly jealous that Iceland's name for short of "Icy" and "Ice" had a better ring to it. According to Greenland, he was named Greenland because the founder of Greenland, Erik the Red named it to lure potential settlers for having appealing name. But to their dismay, it was just a name. They still share a mutual friendship, talking about their name and landscape confuses others.


Greenland and Norway are also friends since Greenland was ruled by Norway before and knew him better than Finland and Sweden. Greenland hadn't talked to Norway's Troll yet but is fascinated to meet Norwegian creatures. He calls his Troll "fierce". While leaving the 2011 Christmas Event, he asked Norway about their costume, he replied it was "tough looking".


Although they're acquaintances, the two men share a lot in common. They both wish not to bring up on the subject (Russia's sisters and Greenland's climate change situation) as it will depress them. Greenland does indeed find him to be scary but is not afraid to leave him that they get along well. They later became friends (But not too close). When Russia greets him with a kiss to the mouth, or at least to try the Eskimo kiss because his nose is big, but Greenland says it's only for families he would be comfortable of, upsetting Russia.


Like Finland, the two rarely seen each other and rarely talked to each other because Sweden is often quiet. In the 2011 Christmas Event, Sweden was surprised to see his three-person costume but got curious of their whereabouts until they collapsed.

Appearances Edit


Hetalia Greenland Crying to Denmark

Greenland (right) crying and rushing over to Denmark (left), to his surprised and confusion.

Genderbend Nordic Trio

The Åland Islands, The Faroe Islands and Greenland's Genderbent Counterparts (From left to right).

Aland islands, faroe islands and greenland march

Hetalia: Axis Powers Ending Scene. The Åland Islands, The Faroe Islands and Greenland Marching as Japan, Germany and Italy (Left to Right).

Clear greenland

A merchandise of Greenland created by Himaruya, but the character was not officially released yet. It likely looks male with an animal of some sort. Mostly say a snow fox. The national flower are fireweed.

Trivia Edit

  • The creator of Greenland is from Deviantart and HetaliaFan15.[4] Though, MS Paint is the only art program is available.
  • Greenland's sensitivity is represent to the sensitive change of his glaciers melting from climate change. The effect has become more serious because a tsunami caused by a landslide has occurred.[5]
  • If Greenland's ahoge were to be stuck with the Italy Brother's ahoge or Åland's ahoge, Greenland would somehow have to have his head lowered.
  • Greenland is said to have own multiple dogs (Huskys) including a puppy and a cat. The purpose is to ride his sled as a way of traveling.
  • The word "Eskimo" is considered offensive. Greenland would headbutt anyone who have said it. The correct word is "Inuit". Which means "People".
  • In comparison to Greenland's different flag to the Nordic cross flags, he felt like a "stranger" for having a different flag but has no regrets.
  • Russia and Greenland share a few traits: Looking for friends, quick to forgive, both like to hear arguments because they get too use of hearing long eerie winter inside their homes, tall at height, shy, unsociable, often smile, get depressed when mentioned by something, both hated loneliness (Probably Greenland hates it more) and both fully understand cold weather conditions and it's consequences.
  • As for being sensitive, weak and unconfident at most situations, it is hinted that he is very emotionally unstable like Nyo Russia rather than being childishly cruel. When drunk, he tends to be more unreasonably rude and more emotionally unstable.
  • Due to the fact Greenland resents loneliness so much, this could be a huge hint that Greenland is autophobic (Fear of loneliness. However it doesn't consider animals when he's alone at home).
  • The Inuit average height is 163 cm (5 ft 4 in). Although as he is a large island, his height is more than that amount.