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Greenland is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. In 2011, she was given the human name Violet Kohler.


Physical Age







14 January

Hair Color


Eye Color


Human Name

Violet Kohler


Danish, Greenlandic, English

Greenland is a tall girl. She has short, straight, dirty blonde hair and wears a small black beanie. She wears a dark green coat lined with sheepskin with black shorts over black legging-like pants. For footwear she wears brown winter boots secured with straps also lined with sheepskin. She is described as being 'insane' or 'rather eccentric'. She has a sweet voice that occasionally ranges up and down as if her voice is cracking.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Greenland loves going trekking, and because of that her stamina is higher than Denmark's. However, she is just as a heavy drinker as Denmark. She is very used to the cold. Once she lent her coat to Denmark during winter but she didn't catch a cold, even though she was only wearing a blouse and shorts and leggings. She was isolated from the outside world for a long time, and is quite used to being alone. She occasionally talks to herself or her pet seal and often scares off passerbys.

Other things Greenland likes to do is paint, listen to music and care for her garden. Sometimes, she visits Denmark and they draw together. Iceland and Norway reckon Greenland spends more time with her friends than with her brother.


'Violet' represents imagination and creativity. Greenland likes her name as it contributes to her creative mind. However, Denmark calls her Vi. He uses this name to introduce Greenland to others.



Greenland is more independent now, but she stills look up to Denmark as an older brother. They get along well with each other and hang out often. Greenland enjoys spending time with Denmark, similiarly Denmark likes being with Greenland, because he feels the joy of being an older brother to someone else.


Norway, along with Iceland, was the first to discover Greenland. He and Iceland are close to Greenland, as if they were siblings, but whenever this comes up Norway denies it and says they're not friend they're just 'acqaintents'


Iceland, along with Norway, was the first to discover Greenland. They talk less with each other than her and Norway but are just as close. For a long while Iceland was afraid of Greenland because she had a 'strange dazzle in her eyes'

Sweden Edit

Sweden visits Greenland on a regular basis, usually 4 times a week. Sweden and Greenland have grown a strong friendship with each other. Whenever Sweden visits he usually takes her out to dinner or they just stay at her house and be lazy together. Although most people think that Sweden is scary, Greenland is the only country to actually see through that.

Svalbard Edit

Svalbard is Greenland's older brother. They fight regularly and supposedly hate each other. But really they both love each other dearly. Svalbard does not live with Greenland and lives in his own house beside the Nordic's. Svalbard and Greenland visit each other about 3 times a week but their times together usually end in an argument.

Hundehvalp Edit

Hundehvalp is Greenland's beloved seal. His name means 'puppy' in Danish. Greenland says that Hundehvalp understands every word she says, therefore she talks regularly to him and is never seen anywhere without him.


  • Greenland's birthday, 14 January, corresponds with the date Greenland was ceded to Denmark, 14 January 1814.
  • Greenland is trilingual.
  • Greenland being used to the cold is a reference to the fact Greenland used to adopt Paleo-Eskimo cultures.

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