Picture of Ghana

This is Ghana, also known as Akosua Kisi


Ghana, also known as Akosua Kisi. She`s a OC for Hetalia:Axis Powers.(another mary sue)


Ghana is nice yet she can be very scary and mean when she wants to be. When she`s inraged by someone she`ll blow a certain power into their face which causes the person to become paralyzed for 12hours before wearing off. Ghana is easily annoyed by cocky people like Prussia but has a hard time controlling the anger that bulids up inside her (which is very short) but tries her very best.


Ghana has dark skin with long black hair that stops halfway down her thigh, and  dark chocolate brown eyes. She wears gold earrings that match  her shirt, socks, pants, and her gloves. She wears the colors of her flag everywhere on her body to show people that she repersents her country, Ghana.


America: Ghana thinks America is nice, and sweet guy who only wants to help people but she does get annoyed somtimes when he talks about being a hero but she finds him as a good friend. The two would go to parties for the fun of it. America makes fun of her for eating shito, for obvious reasons, and it makes Ghana a bit frustrated.

Canada: Ghana finds him to be sweet person and likes to talk to him about private things in their country along with childhood. Ghana would sometimes show Canada her tradtions which makes Canada feel welcomed.

England: Ghana & England both love magic but unlike England, who does magic, she does voodoo that she finds easier & funnier than magic. The two would argue over which is better but other than that they get along well. Ghana would sometimes go over for lunch but she would cook since England can`t cook.

Russia: Ghana finds Russia to extremely nice despite his scariness. The two get along extremely well because of how scary they can truly be to nations. Ghana likes Russian man but is envious of how big his country is but she doesn`t tell him.